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How a Digital Fundraising Strategist can help you raise money online

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How a Digital Fundraising Strategist can help you raise money online

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The future of raising money is online. Last year, online fundraising revenue increased by 23%, up 15% the year before. Recurring donations, social media sharing, and mobile-first giving are other big trends shaping how donors interact with your cause online. 

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Fundraisers and nonprofits know the rise of online giving will only accelerate. After all, it’s not just the charitable sector that’s going digital, it’s the entire world around us. 

Digital fundraising has the potential to bring in more donations, at a lower overhead cost, than traditional methods like galas and mailouts. But adapting to this new way of fundraising can be overwhelming for nonprofit teams who don’t know where to start. 

That’s why at FundRazr, we offer free support from Digital Fundraising Strategists. There’s endless potential for nonprofits online, and we want to provide the expert advice you need to realize it. 

What is a Digital Fundraising Strategist?

Digital Fundraising Strategists are specialists who know platforms like FundRazr inside and out. Because they have in-depth knowledge of these tools, they have the knowledge it takes to help you design the ideal fundraising strategy for your cause. 

We provide these services free of charge for nonprofits, charities and social enterprises, because we want you to get great results from our platform. That means a bigger audience, greater awareness, and of course, more donations. 

The digital fundraising learning curve

Even if you’re serious about trying out online fundraising, there are so many options that it’s easy to get confused, or paralyzed by choice. 

Peer-to-peer campaigns, donation wishlists, and virtual events are just a few of the strategies you can try out — but they all come with their own challenges, advantages, and best practices to know. 

Simply not knowing what to say is another common challenge. Once you’ve decided to launch that campaign, you need to tell a story — through messaging, branding, images, and video — that’s powerful, honest, and tugs at viewers’ emotions. 

The stakes are high, and many fundraisers worry that if they try out digital fundraising, it simply won’t work, and their time and effort will be wasted. How can they come up with a campaign story that will make people want to share their hard-earned money? 

Strategy is the solution 

Expert advice and careful strategy is the answer. 

Success with digital fundraising is all about knowledge — if you know how to use these platforms, you can set yourself up for success. But for busy, time-strapped fundraisers, time to develop that knowledge is hard to come by. 

That’s why working with a digital fundraising strategist is such a powerful way to make sure your campaign brings in the money you need it to. 

At Fundrazr, we provide digital strategy services free of charge. We spend a lot of time and energy fine-tuning our platform and creating industry-leading new features that can help you reach your goals. 

We want our clients to get the best results possible from the tools we’ve worked so hard to develop. That’s why we provide free strategy advice and coaching to help you make the most of them. 

How strategists boost your results

Here are a few ways our digital fundraising strategists can make your campaign as successful as possible. 

  • Good digital fundraising includes many campaigns that work together as a sustainable long-term strategy. We’ll help you plan ahead and make a year-long fundraising action plan. 
  • We’ll help you determine what type of campaign will best serve your purpose. Should you set up a wishlist to buy plants for your community garden? Plan a virtual walkathon to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer? 
  • We’ll share the tips, tricks, and education you need to make the most of our platform’s features.
  • Learn how to tell your story in an effective, emotional way. From video resources to our Campaign Story Guidelines, we know storytelling is the key to success, and we’ll help you optimize yours.
  • We’ll teach you  to boost your campaign’s reach, amplify your message and grow your community with social media sharing 
  • Guidance, troubleshooting, and support during your campaign. 
  • Post-campaign, we’ll coach you on how to keep the new donors you’ve gained, and make them passionate advocates for your cause 

Book a free appointment and get started 

Our Digital Fundraising Strategists have the experience and knowledge you need to reach your donation goals. Let us support you and set your campaign up for success! 

Get started by reaching out to us now. We’ll ask a few questions to assess where you’re at, then set up a video call for some face-to-face coaching.

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