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Frequently asked questions about FundRazr.

FundRazr is an online fundraising website that is laser-focused on eliminating the guesswork of raising money online for your cause. Our thoughtful technology and expert social media guidance makes it:

  1. Easy to tell your story
  2. Simple to share it with the widest community possible, and
  3. Worry-free to collect the money.

If you need to raise money for personal, nonprofit, group, business, sport or school cause, then FundRazr is for you.

FundRazr is an easy and effective way to raise money and awareness for causes you care about.

FundRazr’s powerful fundraising tools enable you to reach more people and raise more money.

It is easy.

  1. Create — Create your FundRazr campaign for free. Tell your story in words, pictures and videos. Start raising money in just minutes. We give you help and advice every step of the way.
  2. Share — Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, websites, blogs and email. FundRazr engages your supporters to help grow your funding.
  3. Receive — Collect secure online payments by credit card, debit and PayPal. With our ‘Keep it all’ option, you can access the money immediately.

To create a FundRazr campaign, you need:

  1. A FundRazr account. You can easily login with your Facebook, email, Google+ and LinkedIn accounts.
  2. You need a payment account with PayPal, Stripe or WePay.* If you don’t have an account, our app will help you create one.
  3. Friends or fans who believe in your cause.

*To accept payments via credit card or debit (“Guest payments”) via PayPal, you need to have a Verified Premier or Verified Business PayPal account. Learn more

We support signing in through Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and email/password. But we recommend our customers use Facebook in order to easily spread word about their cause, increase visibility and raise more money.

Everywhere you and your supporters share it!

  1. You can share your FundRazr campaign on Facebook, Google+, via Twitter, Pinterest and email, and run it on your website or blog.
  2. Wherever people see your FundRazr campaign, they can donate. After they donate, we ask them to share it with their community.
  3. Even people who aren’t on social media can contribute. Simply send them a link via email or embed the campaign into your website.

You can collect payments via credit/debit cards, bank payments and optionally PayPal.

For payment processing, FundRazr partners with three leading payment providers. The payment processing options depend on your country and location. For example, bank payments are only available in the US.

If you are in the US, UK or Canada, you can use PayPal, Stripe or WePay.

If you are outside the US, UK or Canada, then you have two options:

  1. Stripe is supported in 25+ countries worldwide. see countries
  2. PayPal is supported in more than 26 countries. see countries

Donors make a contribution using their credit/debit cards, bank payments (only in the US) or through a PayPal account.

All your payments are processed by our trusted payment processing partners.

The money moves directly from the donor’s account to your payment processing account.

FundRazr doesn’t touch or hold your money.

Depending on how you set up your payment processing account, your collected payments are deposited to your bank on a regular daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

Potential donors are not required to sign in to FundRazr when donating, but they may be asked to sign in to their personal account if they are using a PayPal checkout.

If you are running Keep It All campaign, your money is deposited to your payment processing account right away. Funds will be released from your account and deposited to your bank account once they have cleared any security checks and according to the daily, weekly or monthly schedule you’ve set for withdrawals.

For All or Nothing campaigns, your pledges are not processed until you achieve your fundraising goal and request releasing the funds. From that point, they act like Keep it All payments.

If you haven’t achieved your All or Nothingcampaign goal, by the time it ends, no payments are processed and no charges are incurred.

  1. Anyone can start using FundRazr for free! We don’t charge any platform fee (Free Plan) for using our Extensive Essential Toolset. See features
    The only deduction is third-party payment processing fees (PayPal, Stripe and WePay). It is usually 2.9% + $0.30 that varies by country. You can find more information on the payment processor sites.
  2. We are also proud to offer one of the lowest fees in the industry for our advanced functionality. If you are wish to use functionality from our Advanced Professional Toolset, you can upgrade to Pro Plan with a competitive 5% platform fee and no monthly or setup cost Learn more here
  1. FundRazr is committed to help as many people as possible to successfully fund their causes. We work hard to deliver a safe, high-quality platform experience for our fundraisers and constantly add new fundraising tools to our platform.
  2. In order to sustain operational costs on our free plans, we ask contributors for a small optional tip.
  3. If you don’t want us to ask for a tip from contributors, drop us a note at support@fundrazr.com and we will switch you to our Pro plan.

You can raise money for a non-profit or charity with FundRazr. However, as a social fundraising platform, we have to work within strict parameters when it comes to charity-driven fundraising. learn more

The short answer is No. The long answer can be found here.

Adopting a new platform or technology might be a challenging task for some nonprofits or businesses. FundRazr simplifies the entire process and makes it easy for fundraisers to be creative and try new fundraising tools and techniques.

If you are currently using a nonprofit CRM system or software, FundRazr becomes a valuable, complementary add-on tool. It has an integration interface with various CRMs and other common nonprofit tools, so you shouldn’t worry about data flow and integrity. If you try FundRazr and succeed, it means that you just found an additional source to grow your nonprofit funds.

You can start using FundRazr for free right away. We don’t charge any platform fee for using our Extensive Essential Toolset.

If you want to use any functionality from our Advanced Feature toolset, you can easily upgrade. You just select the feature you need inside the platform and agree with the new pricing conditions that will appear in a popup window. Our system will automatically switch you to the new pricing plan.

No, there are no other fees except the ones stated in the pricing plan. FundRazr doesn’t charge setup, monthly or yearly fees.

No upfront or fixed costs mean that using FundRazr is risk-free. Your fundraising campaign pays for itself as fee is charged only if you raise money and succeed.

If you a nonprofit, charity or business, you can request a platform demo. Our crowdfunding expert will discuss your crowdfunding goals, demonstrate platform functionality help you set up your account if you decide to move forward. Request your demo

Please note that we only offer a platform demo for organizations at this time (nonprofits, charities, businesses).

Get help fast with these options:

  1. Get the latest campaign tips on our Blog.
  2. Find even more answers in our Help Center.
  3. Get personal help when you open a support ticket.
  4. You can also email our Support Team at support@fundrazr.com.

Easy and effective

Start raising money in just minutes. We give you help and advice every step of the way.

    Get Great Results

    Use the variety of tools to create more engagement with your contributors

    Social Super Powers

    FundRazr’s sharing features engage your supporters and grow your funding via social networks and email.

    Fast and effective way to raise money

    “When we first set up our FundRazr campaign I did not know what to expect, I read the easy 3 step process and we were up in running within 5 min of sharing our story.

    We posted it to share with our friends on Facebook and it spread faster than I would ever have imagined. We reached our initial goal within 48 hours and it is still climbing. This is like a dream come true. We now have the resources to do all the things we need to make our son's life worthwhile again!
    Thanks FundRazr for all your support.”

    Laura Gennuso, raised $99,500 for healthcare
    We’ve raised over $200,000 with FundRazr!

    “We use FundRazr to raise money for people who have Corgis and Corgi mixes that have high cost veterinary needs but can’t afford them.

    Money raised through FundRazr for these Corgis has helped everything from cancer to bladder stones to hernias to parvo. Since the beginning of 2013 we have raised over $200,000 with the help of FundRazr for our clients!”

    Paige Davis from CorgiPals raised over $200,000
    to save corgis

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