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"FundRazr is easy to use, and their wonderful integration with Facebook and other social media makes it great to work with! Their dedicated team of coaches are great and their suggestions work! I highly recommend it."
Michelle Carrera, Fundraiser

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"Flexible fundraising platform. The team is really a pleasure to deal with. They show interest and care for the users of the site unlike other platforms that only go for the already big fishes."
Florencia, Fundraiser

Excellent service!

"I found it really easy to post updates and to keep on top of where the money was coming in from so I could manage the finances. All in all FundRazr was just perfect for what I needed."
Samantha, Fundraiser

Brilliant-would recommend in a second!

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Why FundRazr?

How FundRazr helps you organize your sports fundraiser

Fast & easy setup

Some fundraisers are urgent - start raising money right away!

  1. Our 5-step guide to help you navigate in the platform
  2. Easily enrol everyone on your team(s) to support your fundraising efforts
  3. Embedded leaderboards and contests
  4. Automated tracking of team member results

Great looking page

Tell the world your story with our beautiful campaign pages.

  1. Personalize text content, images, videos, buttons
  2. Video and photo gallery - we know you have plenty
  3. Create wish lists such as plane tickets, equipment, competition fee - so donors can sponsor specific items
  4. Custom branding for teams and leagues


Easy for donors

Makes it a great experience when they come to help you.

  1. User-friendly donation process
  2. Safety of their personal information
  3. Subscription to email updates keeps them involved


Promotion tools

Share your campaign with as many people as possible. FundRazr gives you tools to make it happen.

  1. Built-in social media sharing tools
  2. Built-in email messaging tools
  3. Automatic milestone sharing with your audience

Secure payments

You don’t wait days to get your money. Funds are secure and available right away.

  1. Accept donations through Paypal, WePay, Stripe, bank payments and credit/debit cards
  2. Accept payments in multiple currencies. See more
  3. See who donated and how much

Coaching and support

We're here to help you achieve your fundraising goal.

  1. Coaching tips on how to make it successful for you and your team
  2. Talk to us (we're all humans!) if you need help
  3. We know you can do it - get out there and play!

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