Countries & Currencies

International Fundraising possibilities.

FundRazr can be used in any country with the ability to send and receive payments via PayPal or Stripe.

U.S., UK and Canadian fundraisers can also accept payments via WePay.



Donate and collect internationally

    • ARS

      Argentine Peso

    • AUD

      Australian Dollar

    • BRL

      Brazillian Real

    • CAD

      Canadian Dollar

    • EUR


    • GBP

      Pounds Sterling

    • MXN

      Mexican Peso

    • NZD

      New Zealand Dollar

    • USD

      US Dollar

      • CHF

        Swiss Franc

      • CZK

        Czech Koruna

      • DKK

        Danish Krone

      • HUF

        Hungarian Forint

      • ILS

        Israeli Shekel

      • NOK

        Norwegian Krone

      • PLN

        Polish Zlotych

      • RUB

        Russian Ruble

      • SEK

        Swedish Krona

      • HKD

        Hong Kong Dollar

      • INR

        Indian Rupee

      • JPY

        Japanese Yen

      • PHP

        Philippine Peso

      • SGD

        Singapore Dollar

      • THB

        Thai Baht

      • TWN

        Taiwan New Dollar