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Create Vancouver Society raised $20,000 for 2020 Mural Festival

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The short film "Roads of Ithriyah" tells an important story: a story of refugee displacement, memory, family, and the ties 

Together with a small team of dedicated artists, Venezuelan-Canadian filmmaker Javier Badillo has been at work on the project for five years - and it was funded entirely out of pocket and through crowdfunding!

Their film crowdfunding campaign have raised $5,626 - 113% of their goal!

Here's how they did it:

✅  Urgency: when they meet their goal, they'll be able to get ready for the festival circuit

✅  Sponsorship: a local partner has already pledged $5,000

✅  Great photos: images from on-set tell a visual story

✅  Community outreach: local events to help get the word out about the movie

Great job, Javier Badillo!

For the past 15 years, Radstorm has been at the epicenter of, Halifax's DIY (do-it-yourself) music, arts, and activist communities. 

Queer and youth-centred creative programs, artist residencies, and all-ages music shows are just some of the amazing programs they share with their local community. Now, they have the opportunity to purchase their building and get a permanent home!

They're well on their way - their crowdfunding campaign raised $12,000!

Here's how they did it:

✅  Perks - get your own mixtape or CD, custom set of pins, tote bag, and more great prizes!

✅  Detailed description of their need - they include a list of all the different resources they offer their community

✅  Timely, specific goal - they want to buy their property and they need to do it soon!

Congrats, Radstorm!

This small town choir is headed for great things! After placing second in a national competition, Nove Voce Womens Choir wants to travel to Sweden next year and compete in the European Choir Games.

So far, their FundRazr music fundraising campaign has raised $12,000 - they're almost halfway to their goal! 

Here's what they did right:

✅  Storytelling - Their inspiring story helps us root for them

✅  Good quality photos and video

✅  Community connection - most donations come from those who know Novevoce and wish them well.

Good luck, team!

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