Inspire Repeat Giving with Microprojects™

Innovative, next generation approach to crowdfunding for better fundraising results and recurring donation streams.

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Unique fundraising model designed for sustainable recurring donations and transparent impact communication

Personalized stories to build stronger, longer connections with your community.

Microprojects are repeating beneficiary-centric campaigns that  share similar structure and have a high degree of personalization. 

  • They are designed to be launched more frequently to fill in the gaps of your annual revenue.
  • A smaller goal helps donors feel the impact of their donation. 
    • Microprojects help you build a dedicated donor base that will eventually become your advocates.
    • Your donors stay emotionally engaged and are more likely to give repeat donations and promote the great work your organization is doing.

    Why microprojects fundraising?

    Better results and campaign efficiency

    Innovative impact demonstration

    Fast and repeatable campaign creation

    Advanced performance tracking

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    $320,000+ raised. 68 campaigns.
    Small team. Big impact.

    About Nowzad: Often when brave men and women are serving in a war zone they find themselves rescuing one of the many stray dogs or cats that are struggling to survive there. These soldiers are not only a salvation for the animal; the dog or cat are often described as 'lifelines' to their soldier. When the soldier's tour of duty comes to an end, it is unthinkable to leave their four legged comrade that they've bonded with, behind. 
    Nowzad creates a new microproject for each case and focuses on telling the unique story of a soldier and an animal. 
    Donors track the specific story and get personalized updates about the impact of their donation.
    Due to scalability and intuitive navigation of FundRazr, creating each campaign is fast and easy even with limited time and resources.

    Are you ready?

    Many types of causes can run their own microprojects.
    Think outside the box!
    Does your cause fund lookalike projects or have beneficiaries? Are you ready to share their stories?
    Can you break down your overall fundraising goal into smaller projects?
    Do you have projects which you repeat multiple times, either annually or a few times a year?

    Tips from our advisors

    If you are an organization which has multiple things going on at once, and some of your projects are currently smaller and don't get enough attention to thrive, make sure to input them into this format so all your donors can see all the areas where you carry out your work! Include volunteers into your fundraising team to help you get the best out of each project.

    digital fundraising and marketing advisor

    Use microprojects to fundraise in similar cohorts. For example, if you are an organization that takes care of bunnies and pups, run a series of microprojects just for pups and the other one for bunnies to capture donor's interest. If you fundraise for projects in regions, split them into regional areas to showcase the breadth of the effort you are doing as an organization.

    digital fundraising and marketing advisor

    FundRazr helps nonprofits, individuals and other groups run effective online fundraising campaigns. Existing since 2009, FundRazr is a pioneer in online fundraising, raising more than 150 million dollars. The audience is mostly professional fundraisers and personal campaigns. There are at least seven strategic benefits to using online fundraising platforms. For example, they: Boost efficiency – our system is designed to create bigger, better, more powerful, more functionally complete and more compelling fundraising campaigns with less work and without requiring more staff Improve effectiveness – the social sharing and social media visibility enhancements of our system convert more potential donors into active supporters (and then into advocates) and raise more money per donor Increase leverage – our team management and enrollment features empower volunteers, advocates, sponsors and community members to safely perform work for you Enhance visibility – we can leverage personal email lists and social network connections of your supporters to distribute campaign messages and build awareness Amplify engagement – the social media features and new types of campaign models we offer provide your existing and potential supporters new ways to interact with your cause Communicate impact – by design many of the features of our system help communicate the direct impact of the individual and/or combined gifts constantly and cost effectively Ensure sustainability – good user experience design gives volunteers, advocates, supporters and community members such great experiences that they want to help you again and again
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