How it Works

FundRazr is a crowdfunding solution that is laser-focused on eliminating the guesswork of raising money online for your campaign. Our thoughtful technology and expert social media guidance make telling your powerful story easy; sharing it with the widest community simple; and collecting the money worry-free.

Thousands of people just like you use FundRazr to reach their friends, friends of friends and beyond, convert them to supporters, and raise money for causes close to their heart.


Create your FundRazr campaign for free. Tell your story in words, pictures and videos. Start raising money in just minutes. We give you help and advice every step of the way.

“I read the easy 3 steps process and we were up and running within 5 min. We posted it to share with our friends on Facebook and it spread faster that I would ever imagine. We reached our initial goal within 48 hours.”
— Laura Gennuso


Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked in, Pinterest, Websites, blogs and email. FundRazr engages your supporters and grows your funding.

“The tools available to those who use FundRazr are phenomenal. We can share the whole campaign or specific messages and updates in various ways! You won’t find another fundraising platform as robust and value driven as this!”
— Quest


Collect secure online payments by credit card, debit and PayPal. With our Keep it all option, you can access the money immediately.

“Our organization had never used crowdfunding, so we were a bit nervous about the handling of our funds, but all of the donated money has been flowing to our account without any hiccups.”
— Benjamin Simcoe


What’s it for?

Personal Causes

Raise money for personal reasons like education, sports, travel, volunteering, legal issues, family emergencies, creative projects and more.

Are you a NonProfit?

Spend more time on sharing powerful stories directly and quickly with people who care about your cause – and less time on onerous administration. Learn more

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Why choose FundRazr?

Flexible Funding

Raise money the way that suits you. Choose Keep it all to access funds immediately. Or choose All or nothing to charge supporters after you reach your goal. Either way, you never pay extra fees or penalties.

Global Reach

FundRazr can be used in any country with the ability to send and receive payments through PayPal, and in 25 currencies worldwide. U.S. and Canadian users can also accept funds via WePay.

Success Tools

Full campaign functionality on your website or blog & full campaign functionality on your Facebook page will increase your campaign’s visibility and help supporters find a way to donate to your cause.

Easy and Secure Payments

Easy and secure payments by PayPal, credit card, bank card or WePay. Your donors’ privacy is respected, your funds are safe, and money received is immediately deposited into your account.

Better Incentives

Enhance your fundraising campaign by providing perks, products, tickets or wishes. Incentive images and share feature create more engagement, sharing and social media visibility. What to offer? Get inspired

Great Value

Contributors pay no fee. Recipients pay 5% FundRazr fee plus Payment Provider fee of 2.9% + 30¢ per transaction. There are no additional fees or penalties. Learn more



What do I need in order to get started?

To create a FundRazr campaign, you need:

  • A personal Facebook or Google+ account,
  • A Verified PayPal account* and/or a WePay account,
  • Friends or fans who believe in your cause.

*To accept payments via credit card or debit (“Guest payments”) via PayPal, you need to have a Verified Premier or Verified Business PayPal account. Learn more

Why do I need to use Facebook or Google+ to log in?

We now support signing in through Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and email/password. But we recommend our customers to use Facebook or Google+ account in order to spread the word about their cause widely, increase its visibility and raise more money.

Where do people see my FundRazr campaign?
  • You can share your FundRazr campaign on Facebook, Google+, via Twitter, Pinterest and email, and run it on your Website or blog.
  • Wherever people see your FundRazr campaign, they can donate and then pass it on to their network of friends.
  • Even people who aren’t on social media can contribute. Simply send them a link via email or embed the campaign into your website.
How can I get the money contributed to my FundRazr campaign?

All contributions are deposited instantly into the PayPal or WePay account that you submit when you create your campaign.

To access the money in your PayPal or WePay account, go to your Manage page and click the Withdraw link.

Can I use FundRazr to raise money for a non-profit or charity?

Yes, in many cases, you can raise money for a non-profit or charity with FundRazr. However, As a social fundraising platform, we have to work within strict parameters when it comes to charity-driven fundraising.

Because we need all FundRazr campaigns to comply with fundraising laws, regulations and requirements, FundRazr users must fall under one of three categories to use FundRazr for charity-driven fundraising. Click here to find out which category describes you.

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