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FundRazr is a crowdfunding website that is laser-focused on eliminating the guesswork of online fundraising

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Create your fundraiser for free. Tell your crowdfunding story in words, pictures and videos. Start raising money in just minutes. We give you help and advice every step of the way.

    Share with Community

    Share your crowdfunding campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Pinterest, websites, blogs and email. FundRazr engages your supporters and grows your funding.

    Receive funds

    Collect secure online payments via credit cards, debit and PayPal. With our Keep It All option, you can access the money immediately.

    Who can use FundRazr?

    Our powerful crowdfunding website enables professional fundraisers effortlessly raise money online for more than a hundred of causes. Our platform is listed among one of the best crowdfunding websites in the industry as it offers a robust feature set.

    Online Fundraising at Your Fingertips

    Join thousands of people successfully crowdfunding
    with our Complete Fundraising Toolset

    FundRazr saves you time
    and effort

    Most crowdfunding causes are time sensitive.
    FundRazr crowdfunding platform makes sure you can set up a fully functioning online fundraising page in minutes and start collecting funds immediately.

      FundRazr makes asking
      and engaging people easier

      From extensive social sharing capabilities to automatic updates, progress milestones and innovative post-donation workflow, FundRazr helps you efficiently engage your community into giving.

      FundRazr helps you maximize impact of raised funds

      With free fundraising, fast money retrieval and trusted payment processing, fundraisers can securely collect donations, quickly retrieve them and use for the cause.

      For Personal and Basic Organizational Fundraising

      Complete Fundraising Toolset

      All important functionality for raising money online available for FREE.
      For personal crowdfunding campaigns, simple fundraising projects and basic organizational and team fundraisers.

      Quickly Create Your Page

      Easily set up your fundraising page. Tell the world your story, specify your fundraising goal, upload pictures or videos - your page is ready to go!

      • State-of-art fundraising pages

        Beautiful, mobile-friendly, easy-to-launch fundraising pages equipped with everything you need for successful crowdfunding: donation button, progress bar, payment functionality, activity feed, photo and video gallery, perks, social sharing and customizable content editor.

      • Great donor experience

        Make sure your donors will get the best experience when they come to support you. Simple donation process, flexible privacy settings, fast payment processing and secure personal data.

      • Unlimited users and pages

        Invite your friends, family, co-workers, volunteers to help you raise money for your cause. Run as many crowdfunding projects as you need.

      Reach More People

      Your community is the key to crowdfunding success. Engage and incentivize your supporters. Let them spread the word about your cause

      • Built-in Social Super Powers

        We're social fundraising experts. Since our inception in 2009, FundRazr was one of the sixty companies that helped Facebook launch their News Feed. This knowledge helped us develop extensive social media tools that let our fundraisers increase visibility of their page in Facebook, automatically send updates and effectively share their page across different platforms. You and your donors can currently enjoy effortless "one-click" share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Messenger, WhatsApp, Email, SMS and website or blog. So far, it is the most extensive sharing list in the industry.

      • Perks and wish lists

        Communicating the impact of donor's contribution is an important part of social fundraising. Perks and wish lists help your donors see their impact and encourage them to talk about your cause. This increases your social media visibility and brings you new donors. You can give small thank-you gifts or offer perks (such as t-shirts) in exchange for donations. You can also create wish list items you need (example: travel tickets, lunch, equipment - you name it) so your donors can sponsor those items. Get Inspired!

      Collect your Money

      You want to be sure that your money is safe - and we guarantee it! We only work with trusted payment processors to enable smooth and secure payment processing

      • Multiple methods - global reach

        Collect payments with PayPal and Stripe using debit/credit cards and bank payments. FundRazr can be used in any country with the ability to send and receive payments supported by our payment processors.

      • Flexible funding options

        Raise money the way that suits you. Choose the Keep It-All option to access funds immediately or choose the All Or Nothing option to charge supporters only after you reach your goal.

      • Fast and secure

        Your donors’ privacy is respected, your funds are safe, and money received is deposited into your account immediately.

      Power Tools for Professional Fundraisers

      Join organizations, nonprofits, charities and that grow their online giving results
      with our Advanced Professional Toolset

      FundRazr helps diversify your fundraising and donor acquisition strategies

      From innovative crowdfunding project types to in-app and in-person coaching, FundRazr helps thousands of organizations adopt crowdfunding technology and turn online fundraising into a strategic part of their yearly fundraising plans. The platform tools help organizations build long-term relationships with digital natives who prefer to give online and turn them into a core donor base.

        FundRazr boosts efficiency and social media visibility of your online fundraising projects

        With an extensive list of native sharing capabilities that cover all traditional social media channels, Messenger, Whatspp and email, fundraisers can reach existing supporters and beyond. The platform also suggests donors to get through a post-donation impact maximization flow that encourages them to talk about your campaign with their network, join your groups and more.

        FundRazr makes online fundraising affordable and sustainable

        No more lengthy conversations with organizational stakeholders to justify cost and data migration process of your crowdfunding technology. The mission of FundRazr is to provide you with the most powerful digital fundraising system in the world for free or as close to it as possible. Free fundraising, no monthly cost and full access to the platform right away. Just focus on what matters the most - raising funds for your cause!

        For Professional Organizational Fundraising

        Advanced Professional Toolset

        All in Complete Fundraising Toolset (see above) + Powerful Professional Tools
        Enterprise-class online fundraising functionality for any size organizations.

        Essential Donor Data Management

        Robust essential toolset needed by every organization, nonprofit, charity or business. Run successful branded fundraising campaigns for FREE!

        • Transaction reports

          Download detailed information about your donors, attribute contributions to a team member who inspired the contribution, create custom tags to group the donors, send them personalized 'thank you' emails.

        • Data integration and flow

          Create a seamless flow of information through simple integration implementation. Integrate with the biggest industry players including Salesforce, Mailchimp and more. FundRazr doesn't conflict with your existing CRMs too. Instead, it is a great add-on to your organization's technology stack.

        • Custom tax receipts

          Design and customize tax receipts using Microsoft Word. Issue receipts to anyone who donates to your cause and deliver them by email. Donors can securely retrieve their tax receipts from the website during tax time. In case, if donors received value in return (example: gala tickets), tax receipts are automatically adjusted.

        • Email list uploads

          Easily upload your email list to announce, engage and update your existing community.

        • Offline donations

          Add offline donations for no additional cost. Issue tax receipts to offline donors.

        All for successful events, walks and runs

        Create, run and manage fully branded, vibrant peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns for free. Involve your community members into online giving.

        • Sophisticated peer-to-peer fundraising

          Launch effective, branded peer-to-peer campaigns to enable community support and amplify cause awareness. Securely delegate management without losing control over campaigns. Empower your participants with social media tools to build bigger teams and reach more donors. Use either our Simple or Sophisticated layouts of peer-to-peer to give your volunteers the best fundraising experience. Learn more

        • Simple peer-to-peer fundraising

          If your peer-to-peer event doesn't have complex structure or management requirements, you can run a simple peer-to-peer fundraising campaign! Invite team members and let them raise money for your campaign. Track the performance of each member.

        • Individual fundraisers and teams

          Invite individual fundraisers and teams, create a custom registration form and charge a registration fee, if needed.

        • Donate Button

          You can create a customizable "Donate" button and embed it into your main website. It is easy, fast and free! (no coding skills required!)

        • Website integration

          Easily embed your campaign into the website with smart widgets. In one click, integrate individual, carousel, leaderboard and grid widgets into your website. Your visitors will be able to search for, select campaigns and donate to them right there. Learn more

        • Leaderboards and grids

          Track your best performing individuals and teams with a leaderboard grid layout that is conveniently located on your peer-to-peer fundraising page.

        • Personalized endorsement

          Let fundraisers create their own personalized campaign endorsement messages that will automatically be shown to their network when they share their campaign.

        A Wide Spectrum of Crowdfunding Projects

        FundRazr offers innovative and unique solutions tailored to different fundraising goals and needs. You have access to all spectrum and can select and run a crowdfunding project that works best for your crowd and organization.

        • DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects

          With DIY Fundraising, your advocates can independently create and run an unlimited number of fundraising campaigns for your cause without cannibalizing any other campaigns. Enable motivated volunteers and advocates to run campaigns on your behalf. Money is safely managed, tax receipts are automatically issued and you still have full control over campaign messaging. Donor data is properly protected. Learn more

        • Recurring donations

          Recurring donations are an integral part of building nonprofit sustainability. Our crowdfunding website has the functionality to collect monthly donations from your supporters and send automatic updates for any kind of campaigns. Create a recurring stream of donations without paying monthly platform fees.

        • Micro-projects

          Micro-projects are beneficiary-centric campaigns designed to demonstrate the impact of a donation. These campaigns often highlight different stories and beneficiaries but share a similar structure. Each project, person or animal will have an individual page with full fundraising functionality. Efficiently run hundreds or thousands of campaigns with an existing team. All funds are safely directed into your account. Learn more

        • Subscription micro-projects

          Subscription micro-projects extend the concept to support long-running campaigns with recurring contribution requirements. This model builds virtual teams that take ownership of funding a micro-project over its entire lifespan.

        • All-or-nothing campaigns

          If your project requires full completion of the intended goal, then you can set up "All-or-nothing" campaign. You will be able to retrieve your funds and use them only in case if you reached your goal.

        • Charity e-commerce storefronts

          Raise more money by offering branded items for sale. Add a Pop-Up Shop to your website in minutes. Automatically issue tax receipts that reflect the value of the goods sold.

        • High-conversion donation form

          Maximize your donations with an optimized donation form that can be linked to your website or social media. Simple and intuitive donation process is paired with an innovative post-donation impact maximization flow and social sharing capabilities that will boost your website conversion and donor advocacy rates.

        Administrative Efficiency

        Increase your team efficiency! Delegate your campaign management to volunteers or supporters with less risks.

        • NEW: Campaign Cloning

          Designed for time and resource efficiency, campaign cloning is an intuitive and easy process to repeat the campaign that you've already created before. All cloned elements are customizable and adjustable.

        • Automated coaching

          Spend less time coaching and teaching newcomers! FundRazr has its own automatic coaching that offers various social media marketing and platform utilization tips.

        • Master campaigns and templates

          You can use a master template with your branding and style to create consistent campaign format. These templates will save time and efforts for your volunteers and staff when they use the master campaign template to create their own campaign.

        • Monitor volunteer activities

          Safely delegate administration of your campaign to third parties. Be able to see and edit their activity and assign various levels of involvement. Donor data privacy is preserved.

        • Integration with donor management systems

          FundRazr's integration interface manually or automatically sends campaign and donor data to your existing donor management system.

        Sponsored Campaigns

        Build better relationships with your high-value sponsors and raise more money. Launching sponsored campaigns is easy, fast and effective.

        • Brand campaigns with your sponsors

          Show your sponsor's support on your campaign pages. Enable your sponsor to offer a special deal for your supporters in exchange for donations. This win-win strategy extends your fundraising capabilities and provides you with a powerful tool to grow your campaign results.

        • Matching dollars

          Tell your donors how their impact is doubling with every dollar contributed! Easily set up a campaign where your sponsor will match donations. Get donors to give more by showing sponsor's impact on their donation.

        • Co-branded social media sharing

          Every time your sponsored campaign is shared, your sponsor gains broad additional exposure. FundRazr automatically creates sponsor-branded imagery and story content ready for sharing.

        Brand and Social Impact

        Increase awareness about your cause through crowdfunding campaigns. Enhance your social media engagement.

        • White label branding

          Run branded crowdfunding campaigns with your logo, colours, fonts and backgrounds. Adopt the look and feel of your website for brand consistency.

        • Content and messaging control

          Run branded crowdfunding campaigns with your logo, colours, fonts and backgrounds. Adopt look and feel of your website for brand consistency.

        • Cause Awareness

          Crowdfunding campaigns are great instruments for increasing awareness about your cause. After a donation is completed, FundRazr takes donors through a unique post-donation workflow designed in collaboration with leading universities. Donors complete several action steps to increase their impact. Steps include social sharing, personalized emails to their network, joining your Facebook group and more. You will be surprised to know how many donors complete every step!

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        Unlimited Causes, Unlimited Impact
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        Corporate Social Responsibility

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        Crowdfunding as a Service

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        Art and Music Crowdfunding

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