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Online fundraising platforms play an important role in corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs for modern organizations. Engaging employees in corporate philanthropy and giving programs unite them and increase their satisfaction from job. FundRazr helps organizations run effective corporate social responsibility projects with innovative and fresh ideas that will help them take their corporate giving programs to the next level.
Trusted by Leading Organizations
My organization has used different fund raising websites in the past. This was our first time using FundRazr and it was an outstanding success. Their system was easy to work with and we had no problems receiving and managing our funds. Their social media integration helped us get the word out, update easily and blow away our fund raising goals.
NYC HP Meetup Representative, Fundraiser
MISTI-Con Convention

Incredibly helpful, responsive and feature rich.

Capability Ranch is new and new to Crowdfunding. FundRazr has given us great handholding and guidance to optimize our page and updates and great advice on how and where to promote. We have truly been astounded at the results. It's easy to set up a campaign and easy on the admin pages. We're staying right here on FundRazr. Highly recommend.
Nicola Bridges, Fundraiser
Capability Ranch

FundRazr first rate experience!

I am pleased with every aspect of FundRazr. They were responsive to any questions or needs that I have. I love their website. They will include offline contributions at no additional charge (unlike some sites). If I raise funds in the future, I will definitely use FundRazr.
Wayne McDaniel, Fundraiser
The Lending Journey


"I am a true fan of FundRazr because the ease of setting up a fundraiser for such an important event! There are many ways to advertise and reach people that you cannot help but be successful! Thank you for setting this up for all to utilize!"
Kelda D. Harris-Harty, Fundraiser

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Why FundRazr?

How our platform helps you run online crowdfunding and corporate responsibility campaigns

Effective campaigns

Unite your employees and run fundraising projects for any community cause or a nonprofit. Our platform simplifies management of social fundraising projects for businesses.

  1. Runs, walks, peer-to-peer or any campaign type for your corporate fundraising
  2. Built-in social sharing and promotion tools
  3. Run fully co-branded social campaigns

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  1. Beautiful,responsive, on-brand campaign pages
  2. Set up in minutes! No user or campaign limits
  3. Offer branded gifts and perks
  4. Immediate fund retrieval, multiple payment options


Safety and delegation

Let your team, agency or volunteers run and manage your campaign without risks.

  1. Safely delegate administration
  2. Monitor social media, volunteer and third-party activities
  3. Spend less time on training: automated coaching


Reporting and analytics

FundRazr provides donor data, campaign results and social media visibility and impact results.

  1. Integration with your CRM or email database
  2. Customizable thank you letters and tax receipts
  3. Online and offline gift match reporting

Customer crowd-finance

This innovative solution empowers customers to raise funds to afford your product or service.

  1. Let friends or family support a price-sensitive customer
  2. Increase revenue by enabling a crowdfunding financing option
  3. Embed a branded crowdfunding engine into your website
  4. Intelligent, fraud-safe payment mechanism

Crowdfunding for Business

FundRazr is also a powerful platform for crowdfunding your business or new product.

  1. Let people fund your business or product
  2. Accept payments in multiple currencies and payment providers internationally
  3. Increase awareness about your product with social sharing tools. Get Started Now!

Innovate your Corporate Giving. It is cost-effective and powerful!