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All-in-One Fundraising Platform for Corporate Social Responsibility and Giving

FundRazr is a free and effective corporate fundraising platform for employee giving programs and corporate fundraisers.

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corporate social responsibility fundraising

Corporate social responsibility fundraising platform that drives employee engagement and social impact

Complete corporate fundraising toolset to give your employees what they need to give back
Communicate your brand’s value with earned social media
Get measurable and impactful results out of your giving campaigns
Flexible crowdfunding campaigns that fits companies of all shapes and sizes
Empower your employees to engage their network in your corporate giving activities
Free CSR platform!
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Trusted by leading organizations with CSR programs

Empower your employees to make a positive impact with corporate fundraising

Motivate your community to support your social mission by running engaging corporate crowdfunding projects

  • Designed to carry your mission forward
  • Maximize your employee’s giving potential
  • Provide incentives to drive employee engagement

Proud to power successful CSR projects

Employees of Bristol-Myers Squibb pedalled from Germany to the UK for over 3600 km to raise money to support Cancer52’s mission of giving a voice to those that suffer from rare cancer.

Here’s how did they did it:

  • They used our engagement-driven peer-to-peer fundraising model to put the fun in fundraising, making it interactive and playful
  • Cancer52 was able to raise more money and expand their reach by partnering with Bristol-Myers Squibb 
  • Their emotional storytelling shares lots of information about the condition of rare cancers that inspires supporters to give
corporate social responsibility fundraising

Manulife Insurance took their part in sponsoring The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon to encourage employees to run and donate.

Here’s how they did it:

  • By participating in the half marathon, Manulife provided their employees the opportunity of a fun and active way to raise money
  • Manulife’s backing brought extra attention to the event, which included $14,900 of matching donations
  • They kept supporters engaged by sharing pictures of the event with information about the programs that were written in several languages

The French financial services company, Societe Generale set out to raise money for the Hans Andersen Club through the Asia Pacific Bike Ride where their employees took part in a cycling trip across Thailand.

Here’s how they did it:

  • They transformed a fundraising event into an exciting company trip in Thailand that encouraged employees to participate
  • Societe Generale expanded their reach and harnessed the power of a large financial company for charitable good 
  • They rallied more people to support their limited-time campaign by creating a sense of urgency
societe generale fundraising

What our amazing corporate fundraisers say about us

Success in less than a week Incredibly helpful, responsive and feature rich

“This was our first time using FundRazr and it was an outstanding success. Their system was easy to work with and we had no problems receiving and managing our funds. Their social media integration helped us get the word out, update easily and blow away our fund raising goals.”

— MISTI-Con Convention

Incredible helpful, responsive and feature rich.

“Capability Ranch is new to crowdfunding. FundRazr has given us great handholding and guidance to optimize our page and updates and great advice on how and where to promote. We have truly been astounded at the results. We’re staying right here on FundRazr. “

— Nicola Bridges, Fundraiser Capability Ranch


“I am pleased with every aspect of FundRazr. They were responsive to any questions or needs that I have. I love their website. They will include offline contributions at no additional charge (unlike some sites). If I raise funds in the future, I will definitely use FundRazr.”

— Wayne McDaniel, Fundraiser The Lending Journey

Why FundRazr is the go-to corporate fundraising platform to run employee giving campaigns

Effective and engaging CSR fundraising campaigns

Unite your employees to run corporate social responsibility fundraising projects for any social cause. 

  1. Runs, walks, rides, or any campaign type that works best for your corporate fundraising
  2. Built-in social sharing capabilities that promotes activity
  3. Run fully co-branded social campaigns

Free and powerful fundraising for corporate teams

Take advantage of our complete fundraising toolset all for free. No hidden contracts or fees.

  1. Create beautiful and responsive campaign pages that is brand consistent
  2. Easily build and set up a campaign in minutes
  3. Get your funds immediately with flexible payment options for donors

Safety and delegation for better management and results

Let your team, agency, or volunteers run and manage your campaign securely.

  1. Safely delegate administration to different teams
  2. Monitor social media, volunteer, and third-party activities all in one place
  3. Spend less time on training with FundRazr’s automatic and guided coaching

Reporting and analytics of the performance of your CSR campaigns

FundRazr provides all the impactful results that you need like donor data, campaign results, and social media visibility.

  1. Easily integrate with your CRM or email database
  2. Create personalized thank-you letters and tax receipts
  3. Get access to both online and offline gift match reporting

Social sharing superpowers for engaged community

FundRazr offers the most extensive social sharing to the most popular public and private social channels. 

  1. Easily share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other channels
  2. Privately share via WhatsApp, Messenger and Email
  3. Easily embed your CSR campaign to your website or blog. 

Crowdfunding made for businesses

Simply powerful fundraising platform for your business or product

  1. Let supporters help with funding your product or service
  2. Accept payments in multiple currencies with flexible payment providers
  3. Increase awareness of your product or service with social sharing tools
Start your corporate social responsibility fundraising today with 0% platform fee
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