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Thirteen-year-old Rem was born without arms, but taught himself to use his to write! But tragically, Rem was still not allowed to enroll in school, despite this ability that he worked so hard to acquire. 

Rem's story is just one example of the incredible work that the Disability Development Initiative, or DDI, is doing in their home country of Myanmar. They believe that no disability can stop a child from learning: only the absence of educational opportunities can. 
They're using FundRazr to support their mission, and so far, they've raised more than $8,000!

Here's how they did it:

✅  Storytelling - they focus on telling us about one child instead of general, impersonal information about their mission

✅  Pictures help us get to know Rem and his story

✅  Showing us how donations can help - for just $200, a child with a disability can be kept in school for an entire year!

Throughout much of the world, girls are held back from becoming the women they were meant to be. Poverty, sexism and sexual violence keep girls locked into a cycle where survival is all that matters. 

One Girl Can Society is making a real difference - helping dozens of girls become women who are educated, employed, socially and politically active. 

They’ve raised an amazing $37, 616 across 17 campaigns! For example, here is Sarah's funding campaign

Here’s how they did it:

✅  Using microprojects, they tell each girl’s story instead of asking donors to fund the entire program

✅  They work with sponsors like Traction on Demand who are as passionate as they are

✅  They keep donors engaged and informed, sharing frequent updates about how each girl is doing

Each day, approximately 25 students arrive at North Delta Secondary School are arriving at school hungry, wearing the same clothes week after week. These children's families are struggling to make ends meet.

The caring NDSS community wants to change that. They're working with the Vancouver Sun Children's Fund to raise $12,000 to provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch to these vulnerable kids, so that can focus on what really matters: learning.

Here's what this campaign did right:

✅  Realistic Goal - they know exactly what they want to accomplish and how much money they need to do it

✅  Partnerships - NDSS will have much more success through working with this existing charitable projects

✅  Storytelling - through both text and images, an engaging story that communicates impact is created

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