Crowdfunding Perks and Wishlists

Crowdfunding perks and wishlists are unique, impactful add-ons to maximize the value of a donation.

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Crowdfunding perks can be a variety of items, physical or digital. You can give perks in the form of T-shirts, merchandize or something digital like recipes or posters - whatever you can offer your donor as a thank you or a token of gratitude.



Crowdfunding wishlist items are intended to demonstrate a clear value of a donation. You can breakdown your fundraising goal into tangible wishlist items and give your donor a choice what they prefer to fund. They gave $50, but they also fed a whole family in a shelter for a day.

Creative ask and messaging
Versatility and ease of use
Inventory tracking and control
Better crowdfunding results
Why perks and wishlists?

Grab attention. Images of your perks or wishlist items capture the donor's attention. Right away feel connected to your story because they can see where their hard earned dollars are going.

Maximize donations. Perks, wishes, products and tickets are offered as part of the donation flow, encouraging your donor to leave an extra amount on top of their donation.

Improve conversion. The conversion rate can also be increased by having the wishlist items displayed on the donation checkout screen.

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Perks and Wishlist examples

How Forest without Frontiers leveraged perks to amplify donor’s emotional response

Forests without Frontiers is a young nonprofit which plant trees for future generations around the world and protect the last ancient forests. Perks helped them to build a descriptive, clear impact message such as "Plant one tree", "Plant one hundred trees" etc.

Due to COVID-19 crisis they went an extra mile and updated their campaign to communicate the value of the elderly people who take care of those trees they plant and asked for donations to support the main beneficiaries - elderly people who spend now most of their time in isolation with no possibility to get food or go out to plant more trees. 

How Downtown Eastside Market used a wishlist to tell an emotional story with a positive impact.

DTES market’s campaign helps raise funds for the most acute needs that support the poorest neighbourhood in Vancouver. With FundRazr, they were able to raise $11,000 to buy washing stations, heaters and more. 

DTES used wishlist items to ask for specific equipment needed to run the market and raise awareness about the conditions of the neighbourhood. Thanks to their smart use of Wishlist items, they successfully bought all the equipment needed for their market.  

Sponsorship Perks
How Vancouver Mural Festival used perks functionality to showcase their sponsors

Mural Festival found a creative and fun way to provide their donors with special gifts from their local sponsors, including partner companies like Herschel. They also used perks to collect sponsorships.

Tips from fundraising advisors
When assigning monetary value to a perk like a t-shirt or water bottle, make sure you are setting up the price higher than just its production costs and delivery fee.  Your main goal is to raise funds for your cause, not sell the product. The perk should have a nominal value only - it could be double its original cost, or more.

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Use your perks on a limited basis to create a sense of urgency. You can also change your featured perk throughout your campaign, so each donor can choose the one that speaks to them for the same monetary value. This is also a great way to add new content to your campaign and keep things fresh!

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