Facebook fundraising (SEO)

Fundraising on Facebook

FundRazr was built for fundraising on Facebook. That means you can tap into the world’s largest social network to raise more funding for your cause—much more than with offline fundraising. Reach your friends, their friends, and beyond. With FundRazr’s advanced Facebook capabilities, the possibilities are huge.

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Better visibility on Facebook

Thanks to FundRazr, it’s never been easier to showcase your fundraising cause on Facebook. FundRazr’s seamless Facebook integration automatically sends your campaign updates, contributions, likes, and comments to your Facebook Timeline and the News Feed of your friends. The result? Your cause gets maximum visibility.

FundRazr also promotes your campaign with fundraising milestones—progress markers published for every major campaign achievement. Share your milestones on Facebook to inspire even more support and raise even more money.

Plus, every supporter’s contribution or comment on your FundRazr campaign is sent to their Facebook Timeline and their friends’ News Feed. That’s how FundRazr helps you reach your friends’ networks and attract new supporters to your cause.

FundRazr promotes your campaign with posts in your Facebook Timeline and your friends' News Feed.

FundRazr promotes your campaign with posts in your Facebook Timeline and your friends’ News Feed. [+]

Power of Facebook Notifications

FundRazr has harnessed Facebook notifications to help you communicate with supporters and manage your campaign.

Get your cause rolling. Click Ask a friend for help in the Admin panel at the top of your FundRazr campaign. The friends you select will receive a Facebook notification with a link to your campaign.

Keep track of your campaign activity. FundRazr sends you a Facebook notification about new campaign activity. You won’t miss the opportunity to thank contributors and reply to comments.

Keep your supporters engaged. Your supporters receive a Facebook notification every time somebody likes, shares or comments on their campaign contributions or comments.

FundRazr shows progress with milestones posted to your Facebook Timeline.

FundRazr engages your supporters and helps you manage your campaign with Facebook notifications. [+]

Fundraising app for Facebook Pages and more

FundRazr was designed for Facebook. It has never been easier to have an online donation button on the web, and run a social fundraising campaign on Facebook.

Publish your FundRazr campaign on your Facebook Timeline, a friend’s Timeline, a Group, a Facebook Page you manage, or in a private message. Simply click the Facebook Share button on your FundRazr campaign and select where you want your post to appear. Add a personal message, click Share, and voila!

Add a Give via FundRazr button and a FundRazr tab on your Facebook Page. Click the More button on your campaign and select the Add to tab option. You can even upload your own graphic for the tab. Just keep in mind that Facebook doesn’t provide tabs on personal profiles, but only on Facebook Pages. Learn more in our detailed step-by-step instructions.

FundRazr provides powerful options for Facebook Pages such as a FundRazr tab (top) and campaign share posts.

FundRazr provides powerful options for Facebook Pages such as a FundRazr tab and button (top) and campaign share posts. [+]

Advanced sharing capabilities

You can do more than just share your FundRazr campaign on Facebook. You can Email, Embed, Follow, Like, Link, Pin, Publish on Page, Send, Share on Google+, Share on Linkedin, Tweet, and Add on tab on your Facebook Page. And so can all your friends and supporters.

Every time your FundRazr campaign is shared by someone new, it has the potential to reach everyone in their network too. Imagine that 10 friends share your campaign. The average person has 190 friends according to Facebook. That means those 10 shares could send your campaign to 1,900 potential new supporters. That’s a potent way to promote your cause.

FundRazr has advanced sharing capabilities built in.

FundRazr has advanced sharing capabilities to make your campaign succeed. [+]

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