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You can fund just about anything with FundRazr.

  • Personal causes

    Personal medical, travel or education costs, personal losses, family tragedies, support for a friend, memorials, pet healthcare, and many, many more

  • Group Causes

    Sports teams, school groups, community groups, churches, arts groups, humane societies, animal shelters, school reunions and more

  • Political Campaigns

    Political campaigns at the local, state or federal level

  • Nonprofits and charities

    Registered nonprofits and charities at local, state, federal and international levels

    Get Great Results

    Deep Facebook integration and social hooks.

    • Simple setup

      Create your campaign in just minutes

    • Social Super Powers

      Share it via Facebook, Twitter and email. Run it on Facebook, your website and blog

    • Donor Engagement

      Convert your donors into advocates, get them to share your message and attract new donors

    • Unlock Virality

      Inspire your friends. Your campaign can go viral

    Global Payments by PayPal

    PayPal makes accepting donations secure and international.

    • Secure and easy

      Automatically accept secure and easy payments via PayPal

    • Flexibility

      Accept credit card and debit payments from non-account holders Learn how

    • Trusted partnership

      Get PayPal’s trusted authentication of your business or non-profit so donors can pay with confidence

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