White Label Crowdfunding Platform
as a Service

FundRazr powers third-parties, agencies and organizations with best-in-class white label crowdfunding to unlock the new opportunities for your venture.

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Partnering with FundRazr for my fundraising platform
I enjoy the software for several reasons, but the real winner is the functionality. Across devices, borders, and different groups of demographics - FundRazr helps me provide service to my customers. I also have to mention that beyond the software, everyone that I've interacted with at FundRazr has been helpful, kind and an absolute joy to work with.
hatchfund testimonial
Dillon, CEO at Hatchfund, a company that helps artists successfully navigate the challenging world of online fundraising.

Innovative, next generation crowdfunding


Enterprise-level crowdfunding platform functionality

Enabled with advanced, online fundraising functionality to run an unlimited number of campaigns and safely collect and retrieve money.

Powerful social sharing and admin possibilities

The most extensive public and private social sharing capabilities in the industry, with super-user capabilities for administering campaigns under your brand.

Branding, white label and crowdfunding service

With full control over branding and campaign positioning, provide crowdfunding service to your customers under your own vision and business model.

Instant onboarding and reporting transparency

It’s quick and easy to get started - both for you and your clients. Full transparency in reporting, data and project performance.


We believe that the opportunities increase
when we help others win.

Your team doesn't have re-invent the wheel. If you are looking for a crowdfunding solution that will help you or your clients tap into the power of online fundraising - all under your brand - you’re in the right place.

Building your own crowdfunding platform from scratch takes years of hard work and millions of dollars in production. It took us a decade to build a proven, award-winning technology that’s closely aligned with the market demand and trends.

Dozens of organizations successfully partner with FundRazr to power their initiatives, grow their impact and deliver unique value and crowdfunding service to their clients.

We are committed to building long-lasting, transparent and positive partner relations.

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Various profiles of organizations are powered by crowdfunding-as-a-service by FundRazr

Take care of your clients.
We'll handle the rest.


Embrace best-in-class, performance-driven crowdfunding to help
your company, clients or community grow the impact

Powered by FundRazr is a great fit if:
You are an organization with a niche solution for nonprofits or social enterprises and you need crowdfunding as part of your solution, or to maximize its value
You are an agency or a consultant with clients interested in crowdfunding and you want to run fundraising and crowdfunding projects on their behalf
You are part of a community with many similar projects or campaign and you want to represent this community and run crowdfunding projects for them
FundRazr helps nonprofits, individuals and other groups run effective online fundraising campaigns. Existing since 2009, FundRazr is a pioneer in online fundraising, raising more than 150 million dollars. The audience is mostly professional fundraisers and personal campaigns. There are at least seven strategic benefits to using online fundraising platforms. For example, they: Boost efficiency – our system is designed to create bigger, better, more powerful, more functionally complete and more compelling fundraising campaigns with less work and without requiring more staff Improve effectiveness – the social sharing and social media visibility enhancements of our system convert more potential donors into active supporters (and then into advocates) and raise more money per donor Increase leverage – our team management and enrollment features empower volunteers, advocates, sponsors and community members to safely perform work for you Enhance visibility – we can leverage personal email lists and social network connections of your supporters to distribute campaign messages and build awareness Amplify engagement – the social media features and new types of campaign models we offer provide your existing and potential supporters new ways to interact with your cause Communicate impact – by design many of the features of our system help communicate the direct impact of the individual and/or combined gifts constantly and cost effectively Ensure sustainability – good user experience design gives volunteers, advocates, supporters and community members such great experiences that they want to help you again and again

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