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When it comes to crowdfunding campaigns, there are plenty of questions to be answered and discussed. Regardless of your fundraising experience and team size, it is always a great idea to validate the direction.


Our advisors can help you with answering some of these questions: 

How can crowdfunding impact our nonprofit's fundraising strategy?
How can we utilize crowdfunding in post-COVID era when all live events are postponed?
How to write a compelling ask that will motivate the crowd to give?
How to promote our crowdfunding campaign after launching?
How to communicate our campaign to our existing donors?
Should we post the campaign updates once a week or more often?
What pricing model(s) should we use?
What should be the campaign goal - are we asking too much or too little?
How can we improve our campaign performance?
What can we do with FundRazr platform?

and many more...

Digital fundraising and donor acquisition strategies

Crowdfunding marketing and donor engagement

FundRazr platform capabilities and implementation

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FAQs to our advisors
Q: How can we increase our chances of crowdfunding success?

A: Whilst there is no magic recipe for success there are a few tips which I would highly recommend.

> Choosing a campaign-style that fits your community, we have lots of styles and can advise which one will work best for you and your donors.

> Communicating with your donors, before, during and after your campaign, a personalized mention or thank you publicly can go a long way.

> Another key aspect to crowdfunding is making sure your ask is clear, and relatable, telling your donor exactly what their impact will be from their donation, will allow you to connect on an emotional level, and is likely to inspire a second contribution or a social media share. Eg, Your $50 just kept a homeless person off the streets for 2 nights, allowing them to shower and have a hot meal.

If you need help positioning the impact that your organization has, as a crowdfunding advisor I can help with that.

 Shannon, Senior Crowdfunding Strategist

Q: Our team has limited experience with crowdfunding campaigns. How can an advisor help us?

A: My goal is to help you assess your project idea, your resources to be able to create and run a successful project. As your advisor, I will hand-hold you through the whole thing from the conception of the campaign to its completion and help guide you and your team with campaign storytelling, communications strategy and donor engagement.

Think of me as your cheerleader.

I can also help you discover who your crowd is, and build a donor profile for you to help make sure your campaign is successful. As advisors, we are seeing and helping many other organizations so I will be able to share best practices that could be relevant to your project. 

Your advisor can become a temporary extension of your team for the duration of the campaign, providing you with insights on your campaign performance, promotion efficiency, communications strategy and donor engagement.

McKenna, Customer Care Manager

Q: What should I expect from the meeting with an advisor?

A: A friendly smile and a lot of questions!  Overall, an advisor can help you gain clarity on your project idea, help you define your strategy and help you set up the campaign to best respond to your needs based on the strategy established. However, my superpowers go as far as the information you come with into the call so it is always preferred (although not required!) if you have shaped an idea about your crowdfunding project and a timeline. 

It won’t be a sales call, and it won’t feel like an interview, the discussion is there to help you fully understand crowdfunding and the capabilities of the platform to make sure you are set up for success. 

If you are in the middle of a decision-making process, there will be some areas which you need more clarification on, so I will be happy to answer any questions you have as well. 

McKenna, Customer Care Manager

Q: How did COVID-19 affect crowdfunding and the donor's willingness to give?

A: COVID has affected almost everything and everyone, and that should not be ignored. Before coronavirus people had different attitudes towards giving, and that hasn’t changed. Those who supported you before pandemic, will likely still be interested in what you do, it’s a great idea to acknowledge their loyalty. 

Some donors who give spontaneously and give to multiple charities may need a little more persuading that they should pick your charity, it’s a competitive space, and the one time donors shouldn’t be taken for granted. 

I believe COVID in the long term will have a positive impact on charitable giving, communities are coming together to show their support for causes that have been affected by the virus. During this recovery phase and reopening of businesses, I hope that the positive mental attitude towards rebuilding our society continues.

It may take some time for donors who have been experiencing hardship due to the economic effects of Covid to start giving again, having a lower dollar amount to encourage this type of donor will ensure they still feel that however small their contribution they can still help.

Shannon, Senior Crowdfunding Strategist

FundRazr helps nonprofits, individuals and other groups run effective online fundraising campaigns. Existing since 2009, FundRazr is a pioneer in online fundraising, raising more than 150 million dollars. The audience is mostly professional fundraisers and personal campaigns. There are at least seven strategic benefits to using online fundraising platforms. For example, they: Boost efficiency – our system is designed to create bigger, better, more powerful, more functionally complete and more compelling fundraising campaigns with less work and without requiring more staff Improve effectiveness – the social sharing and social media visibility enhancements of our system convert more potential donors into active supporters (and then into advocates) and raise more money per donor Increase leverage – our team management and enrollment features empower volunteers, advocates, sponsors and community members to safely perform work for you Enhance visibility – we can leverage personal email lists and social network connections of your supporters to distribute campaign messages and build awareness Amplify engagement – the social media features and new types of campaign models we offer provide your existing and potential supporters new ways to interact with your cause Communicate impact – by design many of the features of our system help communicate the direct impact of the individual and/or combined gifts constantly and cost effectively Ensure sustainability – good user experience design gives volunteers, advocates, supporters and community members such great experiences that they want to help you again and again

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