Success stories

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Success stories

Thousands of people and organizations have raised millions of dollars with FundRazr. Here are a few of their stories.

A dream bedroom for Brielle diagnosed with AML Leukemia

Little Brielle was born with Down Syndrome and diagnosed with AML Leukemia 15 months later. A non-profit called Room For Hope has raised $4.9k to give the family a new dream room for the girl.

“In the middle of the worse year of their lives, fighting for their child’s life, we were able to bring them “sunshine”. Priceless. Our experience was wonderful. Fundrazr makes it easy to share the link on all the media outlets we use. Excellent customer service and they made it very easy for our donors, which is vital.”

Erica Jones,
owner of Non-profit “Room for Hope”.

A family got back on their feet after being homeless

A single mother and her 3 sons had been homeless for almost a year. Her friend Angelina started a FundRazr campaign and raised money to help them pay the bills and make rent deposits.

“While this family still struggles this FundRazr campaign helped to get them back on their feet so they could stay together and have food for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years.”

Angelina Penso,
friend of the family.

Writing Community website got help with server bill

Daniel has raised money for his writing community website, He was unable to pay the server bill, so the account got suspended. In less than 4 hours he hit the goal of $350.

“You were the first fundraising service that looked credible, easy to use, cosmetically pleasing, and tracked the progress. You’ve helped in keeping my site online. Thanks!”

Daniel Quitschau,
creator of the FundRazr campaign.

Phipps Store got new roof and paid for liability insurance

The rich cultural and musical traditions of northwest North Carolina and southwest Virginia thrive at the Phipps General Store, as folks of all ages from near and far gather to share stories and songs handed down through generations. The Phipps Store community raised money to keep the store running and the music playing.

“In 3 days we surpassed our goal of $2000 for critical repairs to a building that houses old time music jams every Friday night. The owners can now afford to pay the annual liability insurance and repair the leaky roof thanks to the generous support of the hundreds of folks who enjoy picking and listening at this Blue Ridge Music Trails icon.”

Don Mikush,
member of the Phipps Store community.

$10k raised for empowerment and education in Kenya

A non-profit organisation called Soul Source Foundation has raised $10k to help women and girls get education in rural Kenyan villages, sponsor 40 students in 2014.

“This FundRazr campaign allows us to continue our mission to empower women and girls in kenya for another year.”

Matt Peterson,
Soul Source Foundation.

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