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If you want to have a successful fundraiser online one of the key ingredients is having a Facebook Page.  Not a group, not a profile, a Page for your cause.  It’s like having a mini website where people can connect with your cause, get regular updates, and see your FundRazr campaign.  A Facebook Page (from now on referred to as FB page) will be the hub of your entire online fundraising campaign.  FundRazr has tools to share with many other types of social media – however Facebook is still #1 in the world for social networking sites.

A FB page can be accessed by anyone.  It is public domain.  You can, however, block people from viewing it if you want.  Whereas most FB groups are by invitation and have a limited number of “members” a FB page can have unlimited “Likes”.  Having a page makes it easy for the people that are interested in your cause to find out more, and interact and connect.

How it works:

When you create a page it is important to include details such as filling out the Info and Description pages, you can also add other administrators under “manage permissions”.  You can do that at the top of your page.  Locate the drop down button on the upper right then click on “Edit”.

Now you should have a feel for what is going on!  Sharing pictures on your wall will automatically put them in your “highlight” bar above your wall. Be sure to allow people to comment on your wall.  If they can’t interact they are unlikely to visit repeatedly. Posting regular updates and photos about how things are going will help people to connect and visit your page more often to find out what is going on.  You can also post videos and questions.  The questions feature is a really good one to use to get people more involved with your cause.  You can ask anything you want, but people enjoy being heard and giving their feedback – no matter what the question is.

Next –  Go to your  FundRazr  management dashboard and click the “Publish to page” button.

Encourage people not only to donate – but to share the link.  Sharing is the biggest thing a supporter can do to help your cause.  They more people who see your cause = the more people who will see it that are willing to help.  While you are on the FundRazr Manage Dashboard be sure to “Add to tab” this will add your FundRazr to a tab that remains on your site.  You can change the name of the tab if you like by going into “Edit page, then click Apps, then select the FundRazr app and “edit Settings”.  You can then give the tab a custom name.

Let’s focus on promoting your cause and getting people to LIKE your page, interact with your page and Share your page! Once you have started your page, put in information, put up photos and loaded your FundRazr app you are set to go!  Now all you need are fans.  The best way to start getting fans is to invite your friends.  Share the page on your personal FB profile, and then send a message to some of your friends who have oodles of friends and ask them to help you promote your page by sharing your page with their friends.  Facebook is Social Media.  Facebook is Networking.  Utilize your network.  They will support you. Once you have your first 100 fans post a status update saying “We would just be so happy if we were able to reach 200 fans by the end of the day!  Please help us get 200 fans!  Share our page about (cause/person/etc) with your friends.” Ask for what you need.


1) It is very important to have a Facebook PAGE for your cause.

2) Update your status regularly with what is going on and how things are going.  People want to know.

3) Utilize the FundRazr tools to add a tab and publish daily.

4) Take pictures and share them

5) Share, Share Share.  Your page, your FundRazr.  Ask others to share too.

6) Ask for what you need.

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