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Christine Caron lost three limbs after her dog bit her

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FundRazr works with Facebook to bring you a powerful crowdfunding tool that:

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Help Pay for Medical Bills

Get funds from friends and family for …

Accident Recovery

Unexpected accidents can lead to lengthy hospital stays. Ease the burden by asking friends and family to help with hospital bills.

Illness Treatment

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases result in extensive medical care and financial burden. Help pay for medical bills with donations from friends and family.

Prescriptions, Medical Equipment, Extended and Alternative Care

Insurance may not cover the costs of home care, mobility equipment, prosthetics, care dogs, pharmaceuticals, or holistic care. Get assistance covering extended medical care.

Health Travel

Finding adequate treatment may require travel. Raise money for medical expenses and travel costs with a little help from your friends and family.

Disaster and Tragedy Relief Fund

Sudden tragic incidents affect the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Support tragedy and disaster relief efforts.

Palliative Care

The last days of medical treatment are the most challenging mentally and physically. Get help providing your loved ones with their last wish and best hospice care possible.

With FundRazr, anyone can raise money for anything, anywhere. With FundRazr, anyone can raise money for anything, anywhere.
A huge success

Our son River was diagnosed with aplastic anemia four months ago. We found FundRazr really easy to use. We’ve managed to raise $10,000 in less than 2 months. It’s been a huge success. If you have a cause you need help with, we highly recommend you check out FundRazr.

Danny Louten (River’s Dad)
The River Louten FUND

Raise Money for Medical Expenses

We are so grateful to FundRazr, first for helping our family in a desperate time to reach out to friends and family (and unexpected strangers) for help, and then for helping us grow our daughter’s non-profit foundation.

Jessica Hester (Brooke’s Mom)
Help Brooke Help Other Kids fighting Cancer

FundRazr Partner Program

Contact us to learn more about our innovative partner program for medical service providers.