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Melanie Brockmeier

“When we first set up our FundRazr campaign I did not know what to expect, I read the easy 3 step process and where up in running within 5 min of sharing our story. We posted it to share with our friends on Facebook and it spead faster that I would ever imagine. We reached our initial goal with in 48 hours and is still climbing. This is like a dream come true. We now have the resources to do all the things we need to make our sons life worth while again! Thanks FundRazr for all your support.”

Laura Gennuso, Baby Luca’s Will to Live

Get Help With Medical Bills

Raise funds from friends and family for…

Accident Recovery

Unexpected accidents can lead to lengthy hospital stays. Ease the burden by asking friends and family to help with hospital bills.

Illness Treatment

Cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases result in extensive medical care and financial burden. Help pay for medical bills with donations from friends and family.

Prescriptions and Medical Equipment

Insurance may not cover the costs of home care, mobility equipment, prosthetics, care dogs, pharmaceuticals, or holistic care. Get assistance covering extended medical care.

Health Travel

Finding adequate treatment may require travel. Raise money for medical expenses and travel costs with a little help from your friends and family.

Disaster and Tragedy Relief

Sudden tragic incidents affect the lives of individuals, families, and communities. Support tragedy and disaster relief efforts.

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