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Supplement to your Peer-to-Peer events with more powerful ways to help. With DIY Fundraising, your advocates can independently create and run an unlimited number of fundraising campaigns for your cause without cannibalizing any other campaigns.

MRoland Rockstars have raised $11,930 for Habitat for Humanity 

Why FundRazr
for your DIY Fundraising

1. An easy and intuitive rich media campaign creation process. Securely manage your organization's collected funds


2. Beautiful, mobile-friendly fundraising pages and fundraising functionality


3. Simple approval process of DIY campaigns before they get started


4. Automatic coaching and crowdfunding training to help beginners become pros


5. Advanced social media sharing that will help your fundraisers reach their friends and extended communities


6. Run your Do-it-yourself projects for free. Learn more

Empower Fundraisers with
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Tips for Successful Do-it-Yourself Fundraising Strategy

  • Make it easy

    With FundRazr, creating a DIY page takes minutes, not hours. Simplify the sign up and campaign creation process for a better experience.

  • Inspire your fundraisers

    Tell your fundraisers how their support impacts your cause. Explain why your cause is important and be sure to share your values, mission and beliefs with your potential fundraisers. Prepare images and videos they can use for their fundraising activities.

  • Pick a theme

    Provide fundraisers with some fundraising ideas such as "Give up your birthday for your cause" or "Celebrate your summer party"

  • Start small

    Invite a small team of ambassadors to test your DIY fundraising strategy. FundRazr doesn't put any limits on the size and number of your DIY campaigns. You can start small, test the concept and scale up later. No setup or monthly fees means that running DIY campaigns is risk or commitment-free.

  • Let your fundraisers enrol as teams

    Fundraising teams tend to succeed more than individuals. Encourage your fundraisers build the teams and join forces.

  • Fine tune your master campaign

    Put some effort into creating an actionable and informative master campaign that will be the cornerstone of your fundraisers' campaigns. Pay special attention to the branding and story of your cause.

  • Provide with success tips

    Think about resources with tips and best practices of successful fundraising. FundRazr provides campaign owners with platform coaching and guidelines along the way, but maybe your nonprofit has its own tips and tricks for success?

  • Build the community

    No matter if your fundraisers raise money or not, they have already done a lot for your cause. Stay in touch and be engaged with all of your fundraisers, even after the campaign is over.

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Our Favourite Campaigns
Other Innovative Fundraising Types for Your Organization


Divide and conquer: break down your big campaign into smaller micro-projects. Tell a more individualized story, set up achievable goals for your donors and demonstrate high value impact. Each project, person or animal will have an individual page with full fundraising functionality. All funds are safely directed into your account. Efficiently run hundreds or thousands of campaigns with existing staff. Learn more


    Branded Sponsorship Campaigns

    Show your sponsor’s support on your campaign pages. Enable your sponsor to offer a special deal for your supporters in exchange for donations. This win-win strategy extends your fundraising capabilities and provides you with a powerful tool to grow your campaign results.


    Recurring donations

    Recurring donations are an integral part of building nonprofit sustainability. Our crowdfunding website has the functionality to collect monthly donations from your supporters and send automatic updates for any kind of campaigns. Create a recurring stream of donations without paying monthly platform fees.


    Standalone Projects

    If you need to fund a specific project, then our Standalone option makes it easy. Highly-targeted, time-limited campaigns with All Or Nothing funding that helps communicate the impact of donor contributions.


    Peer-to-peer campaigns

    Launch effective, branded peer-to-peer campaigns to enable community support and amplify cause awareness. Securely delegate management without losing control over campaigns. Empower your participants with social media tools to build bigger teams and reach more donors. Learn more


      Charity e-commerce

      Raise more money by offering branded items for sale. Add a Pop-Up Shop to your website in minutes. Automatically issue tax receipts that reflect the value of the goods sold.

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