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MRoland Rockstars! Help us build affordable homes in 2019~
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Several years ago - a group of women who work in San Diego’s construction industry got together and were searching for a charitable cause that they could participate in. Several years later, led by a fearless woman who can't be more than 5' 4" tall, our ensemble returns to take up the cause - building homes with Habitat for Humanity.

By day this team of women do the work behind the scenes so homes can be built and sold. They finance homes, work for builders, plan and design homes, market and sell homes throughout San Diego County. We found the amazing rewards in doing something that makes a difference to solve some of the ills in our housing industry's crisis of affordability in San Diego. The positive results have far exceeded our wildest expectations.

So we start again - May 3rd 2019 -

Habitat for humanity and Women's Build Day

San Diego's own MRoland's Rockstars!

Maggie Roland - the original Rockstar!

Empowered women, taking action, advocating for simple, decent, and affordable housing in San Diego County. We aren't afraid to get a little dirty - swing a 2 lb. framing hammer all day or go through a box of band aids to cover the blisters, put on more sunscreen, and then go back out and keep "swinging." For those who have "aged out" of the swinging hammer days - there is always plenty to do; grout the kitchen floor, paint playhouses, put in plumbing fixtures or cheer us on in the heat or rain.  

Mixed in with the grit and grime we laugh a lot. And within this dynamic environment of friends, family and co-workers all pulling together, we find that the work to help others - especially those who are willing to work right alongside of us – is a boundless gift that keeps on giving.

We could tell you a thousand stories - ones of the "everyday people" that we have met - working hard to achieve that "American dream" of home ownership that provides a safe and happy place for their children. They just need a little help - and that is where we arrive at the 2018 Women's Build day for Habitat for Humanity...

We just need a little help from a lot of people... Or a lot of help from a few... We need you! From the comfort of your couch, with an adult beverage, you can lend a helping hand by sending a donation and cheer us on...

Your contribution - no matter how small or large - will directly benefit those in need of a home. We'll do the heavy lifting. We just ask that you help lift us up with whatever financial donation you can afford - so we can buy more supplies, build more homes, house more people.

And if you can't help - don't despair - because you still can be a vital part of our success... forward our story along to your family and friends, maybe they can help. It truly takes a village to build a better village and we need your help.

You are the ones that can make the difference!

Thank you  from the MRoland Rockstars team!

Maggie Roland    Michele Nagy   Heather Perilman    Kiersten Erckert     Susan Schulze-Claasen   

            Sharon Israel-Roiz         Lupita Montes       Cathy Kessler       Marla Hovland   Marlene Nelson                      

Linze Cole    Jade Celentano     Mercedes Sheehan       Beth Cox     Angela DiDio     Trisha McCormick    

         Constance Clark      Marni Walker     Sherri Keene    Katie Snell

There are several ways to donate:

Through this site

Through our Habitat Site Page 

Write a check -

payable to:  Habitat for Humanity -

Please reference - Women Build Day and  the Roland Rockstar team member you are supporting!

c/o Maggie Roland Associates, Inc.
3752 Park Blvd.    
Suite 701    San Diego, CA  92103



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