Steps to success

Steps to success

Follow our simple steps to raise more money. They’re the building blocks for fundraising success.

How to update your campaign

Check out the steps below. Then go to your Manage page and click the Edit link to update your campaign.

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Inspire people

Inspire people with your campaign message. Show your energy and optimism. People want to make things better.

Add a photo

Photos grab attention. Pictures of people are especially engaging—animals too!

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Include a video

Campaigns with a video are twice as likely to succeed. It’s a great opportunity to double the impact of your campaign.

Set a goal

A fundraising goal is a finish line for supporters to race toward. Set an achievable goal. You can always adjust it later.

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Ask for help

Ask your best friends and family to be your first donors. The first few donations are the key to getting the ball rolling.

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Promote your campaign with the sharing links on your campaign page. It’s your campaign headquarters. You’re the boss.

Make a Page

Make a Facebook page for your cause. Invite everybody you know. Post frequent updates to keep people engaged.

Go for Media

Approach local news and media with your story. Be sure to include a link to your campaign.

Give thanks

Post a personal thank you message for every donation. Your acknowledgement will inspire others to contribute.