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FundRazr's innovative crowdfunding tools help social enterprises change the world while growing their business.

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Amplify your social impact with innovative crowdfunding

Stay connected to your community and network

Encourage your crowd to support your social mission by running impact-driven crowdfunding and fundraising projects.

  • Designed to carry your mission forward
  • Great for socializing your progress and results
  • Best impact communication toolset

Grow your social enterprise sustainably

Let your supporters help you drive your mission forward throughout the year with a wide range of crowdfunding project types that will keep your community feel empowered and engaged in your cause.

Micro projects: for stable revenue streams

DIY projects:  for your passionate advocates

Peer-to-peer events: for special occasions

Perks and Wish list: for showing the value of a donation

Charity Storefront: for selling charitable items

and more...


Build partnerships to scale your impact

FundRazr offers easy-to-use, unique toolset for demonstrating involvement and impact of your partners and sponsors.

  • Sponsorship banners

  • Matching donations
  • Endorsements

Bamboo Foundation and MS Amlin raised $21,000 to provide people in Cambodia with clean water
FundRazr helps nonprofits, individuals and other groups run effective online fundraising campaigns. Existing since 2009, FundRazr is a pioneer in online fundraising, raising more than 150 million dollars. The audience is mostly professional fundraisers and personal campaigns. There are at least seven strategic benefits to using online fundraising platforms. For example, they: Boost efficiency – our system is designed to create bigger, better, more powerful, more functionally complete and more compelling fundraising campaigns with less work and without requiring more staff Improve effectiveness – the social sharing and social media visibility enhancements of our system convert more potential donors into active supporters (and then into advocates) and raise more money per donor Increase leverage – our team management and enrollment features empower volunteers, advocates, sponsors and community members to safely perform work for you Enhance visibility – we can leverage personal email lists and social network connections of your supporters to distribute campaign messages and build awareness Amplify engagement – the social media features and new types of campaign models we offer provide your existing and potential supporters new ways to interact with your cause Communicate impact – by design many of the features of our system help communicate the direct impact of the individual and/or combined gifts constantly and cost effectively Ensure sustainability – good user experience design gives volunteers, advocates, supporters and community members such great experiences that they want to help you again and again
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Free fundraising and fee recovery models

Unlimited campaigns and users

Branding power, website integrations

Make a difference and make money

FundRazr's crowdfunding platform capabilities effectively bridge charitable and business-driven projects. Make informed decisions about your social enterprise crowdfunding projects and create a high-performing strategy that will grow your fundraising results.
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