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Raise money online
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FundRazr has harnessed the potential of Social Media to raise money online. Your potential to do good in the world has never been bigger.

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FundRazr is built for sharing

There are a few different fundraising solutions on the Internet, but none compares to the powerful viral reach of FundRazr. At FundRazr, we’ve created the ultimate social media fundraising tool.

Simply create a FundRazr campaign, then share it using FundRazr’s built-in sharing tools. Tweet, email, post, and share your campaign on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many other social networks.

Behind the scenes, FundRazr’s deep social media integration works to expand your network of support and drive fundraising success. The more you share, the more people you reach. The more people you reach, the more money you raise. It’s all about reaching as many people as possible. Thousands of people learned how to raise money with FundRazr. You can do it too.

Fundraising widgets? We got ’em!

Every FundRazr campaign includes a fundraising widget which runs your fully-functional campaign on Websites and blogs. To install the widget, simply copy and paste a few lines of code into your Website HTML. Not a Webmaster? Don’t worry. Our simple instructions will walk you through the process.

FundRazr works on Facebook Pages too

FundRazr’s powerful fundraising application allows you to reach your fans on your Facebook page with a donate tab, and it looks great too. Many of our users come back to tell us what a great experience they had, and how glad they are that they used FundRazr to raise money online. Would you like to read their testimonials? Maybe one day your testimonial will be on our site too.

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