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$14,700 raised
In Loving Memory of Margaret Palmer

Fast and effective

The day after Leon died, my brother-in-law told us about FundRazr and how his friend had raised $10,000 in 24 hours.

Since opening an account, we have raised over $44,000. We have received donations from people all over the world… The funds raised through FundRazr have not only helped with funeral costs and living expenses, but will also help with our children’s education.

Melanie Brockmeier

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In Loving Memory

Raise funds from friends and family for …

Funeral Costs and Cremation Expenses

Untimely death, lack of insurance or other life circumstances can lead to unexpected expenses. Avoid this hardship. Ask friends and family to help with funeral costs and cremation expenses. Raise funds now!

A Memorial Scholarship

Raising money for a memorial scholarship for a family member or friend honors them. Help other deserving individuals advance their education in your loved one’s name.

A Memorial Tribute

Create a lasting memorial tribute to remember them.

  • Physical structures like plaques, memorial benches, tree plantings
  • Poems, tribute videos and books
  • Charity events and other In Memory of tributes
Charity Donations and Foundations

Help others battle illness or other challenges by making charity donations in honor of the deceased. Perhaps raise enough for a charitable foundation in their name.

Survivor Funds

Create a lasting memorial tribute to remember them.

  • College funds
  • Living expenses
  • Spousal needs
With FundRazr, anyone can raise money for anything, anywhere. With FundRazr, anyone can raise money for anything, anywhere.
Easy to use, fast results

We set up a FundRazr so people far away could donate and show their respects to his family. We are extremely happy with how easy FundRazr was to use, and how fast we were able to generate the funds.

James Stanley

On In Memory of Nathan Ryckman, James Stanley’s FundRazr to raise money for the family of a fellow soldier.

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An unexpected death in the family is one of the most difficult things in our life. Emotional pain can be aggravated by new financial problems especially with no or insufficient life insurance. Survivors may require living expenses, funds to pay for college or just the help with funeral costs.

There’s no shame in asking for help and raising money. Your friends and family want to give you a hand.

FundRazr Partner Program

Contact us to learn more about our innovative partner program for funeral homes, online newspapers and service providers.