Raise money for Accidents & Disasters

Raise money for
Accidents & Disasters

Global Gratitude Alliance is raising money for Nepal earthquake relief
Crowdfunding helps disaster victims with rebuilding their homes, purchasing food, paying medical bills & funeral expenses.

Raise money for accidents


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You have made me believe

“I cannot even begin to tell you all how incredible and heart warming it has been to see Kerri’s family, friends and complete strangers join forces to help a family needing some assistance. You have made me believe that people still care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so supportive.”

Dorothy Glebocki-Paul
Help Bed Bath & Beyond stabbing Victim Kerri Dalton

Raise money for Accidents & Disasters

Get funds from friends, family, and strangers for …

Disaster Relief
Injury Recovery

Unexpected accidents from sports, work, travel or home incidents can lead to high recovery costs. Ease the burden by asking friends and family to help build a relief fund.

Victim relief
Victims of Crime

Crowdfunding helps crime victims pay medical bills and access critical financial support for lost income or other needs. Start a FundRazr campaign for free!

Fire restoration
Fire Restoration

Fire damage and burns leave families feeling hopeless. Ask for help from your community with FundRazr’s easy sharing features.

Disaster relief
Natural Disasters

Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Tsunamis cause incredible damage and loss. Help rebuild homes, communities and cities by collecting donations with FundRazr from your Facebook friends and social network.

Car accidents
Car Accidents

Whether injured in a car crash, motorcycle accident, or hit by a reckless driver, FundRazr can help raise money for accidents including hospital bills, lost income, and extended health needs.

Start an Accidents FundRazr Now for FREE

Accidents, fire, natural disasters, and unexpected injuries can lead to expensive treatment and care. You could raise money to ease the financial burden for a friend who is unable to work due to a terrible injury. You could be raising money for to help rebuild your brother’s home after a fire.

Your friends and family want to give you a hand, let them help pay for accident recovery faster. Raise money for accidents and disasters now.

FundRazr Partner Program

Contact us to learn more about our innovative partner program for disaster and accident relief providers.