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"Our goal is to give you the most advanced digital fundraising system
for free or as close to it as possible."
Daryl Hatton
CEO and Founder, FundRazr

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Easy and effective

Start raising money in just minutes. We give you help and advice every step of the way.

    Get Great Results

    Use the variety of tools to create more engagement with your contributors

    Social Super Powers

    FundRazr’s sharing features engage your supporters and grow your funding via social networks and email.

    Never in our wildest dreams!

    Together with FundRazr we have reached our goal!! Never in our wildest dreams did we think could get near this enormous sum of money. The generosity and care coming from everyone has astounded us. We are so grateful and so moved.

    Janie Ahlstrom, raised $95,145 for healthcare
    Awesome company, wonderful product!

    Our nonprofit has raised thousands for dogs on death row with the assistance of the FundRazr team. I would recommend it to anyone needing to raise funds for a cause. I am a raving fan!

    Amy Grayson Adams, Partners for Pets raised $1,300,000
    to save animals
    Free Fundraising
    Start raising money today with a powerful crowdfunding platform

    Get access to all power tools

    for fast and hassle-free fundraising

    No upgrades, artificial barriers and unnecessary limitations.


    No hidden fees

    for transparency and simplicity

    No setup or monthly fees.
    No contract locks.


    Mix and match 

    for convenience and flexibility

    You can assign different pricing models to multiple campaigns.

    Pricing models

    The most affordable, transparent and flexible pricing in the industry

    Backed by supporters


    When supporters take care of fees

    Best option for personal fundraising, nonprofit, sport teams and school groups.

    • 0% platform fee

      As a fundraiser, you don’t pay anything. To help us keep use of the platform for free, we ask donors for an optional tip.

    • No monthly fee

      No setup, monthly, or annual fees

    • Payment processing fee

      Industry standard third-party payment processor fees (typically 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) or your negotiated nonprofit rate.

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    Industry-standard pricing


    When you want to keep it simple

    Best option for organizations who prefer to go with a standard path.

    • 5% platform fee

      Industry-standard pricing model, when the platform fee is deducted from the contribution. Donors are not asked for a tip.

    • No monthly fee

      No setup, monthly, or annual fees

    • Payment processing fee

      Industry standard third-party payment processor fees (typically 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction) or your negotiated nonprofit rate.

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    Customize your own pricing


    When you need flexibility

    Best option for organizations who want to design custom pricing on their terms.

    • Flexible platform fee

      The fee you pay is based on organization’s choice: cover the platform fee or get it fully or partially recovered by your supporters.

    • No monthly fee

      No setup, monthly, or annual fees

    • Payment processing fee

      With Pro Model, you can add your payment processing fees to your full or partial fee recovery plan.

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    **Recurring donations campaigns can not be run on Free Pricing. We can't ask donors for a tip every month.
    *** White label branding and web site integration is only available for organizations (nonprofits, businesses, charities etc)
    ****Platform fee discounts could be applied based on volume. Contact to request more information

    Top features for
    online fundraising

    Everything you need for your crowdfunding campaign

    Top features for personal fundraising

    • State-of-art online fundraising pages

    • Donor-optimized payment collection 

    • Secure payment processing 

    • Social super powers: 8 communication channels

    • Automatic updates and milestones

    • Perks, wish-lists and incentives

    • Unlimited photo and video gallery 

    and more…

    Top features for organizational fundraising

    • Everything included in personal fundraising plus:

    • Events, walks and runs

    • Sophisticated peer-to-peer fundraising

    • Recurring donations and DIY campaigns

    • Tax receipts and donor data management

    • Website and CRM integrations and widgets

    • Sponsorships and matching dollars

    and more…


    Why we designed pricing this way

    Frequently Asked Questions
    about FundRazr
    1. CreateCreate your FundRazr campaign for free. Tell your story in words, pictures and videos. Start raising money in just minutes. We give you help and advice every step of the way.
    2. Share — Share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, websites, blogs and email. FundRazr engages your supporters to help grow your funding.
    3. Receive — Collect secure online payments. With our ‘Keep it all’ option, you can access the money immediately.

    To create a FundRazr campaign, you need:

    1. A FundRazr account. You can easily login with your email or Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.
    2. You need a payment account with PayPal*, Stripe or WePay. If you don’t have an account, our platform will help you create one.
    3. Friends or fans who believe in your cause.

    *To accept payments via credit card or debit (“Guest payments”) via PayPal, you need to have a Verified Premier or Verified Business PayPal account. Learn more

    We support signing in through Facebook, LinkedIn, or email/password. But we recommend our customers use Facebook in order to easily spread the word about their cause, increase visibility and raise more money.

    Get help fast with these options:

    1. Get the latest campaign tips on our Blog.
    2. Find even more answers in our Help Center.
    3. Get personal help when you open a support ticket.
    4. You can email our Support Team at

    No. Adopting a new platform or technology might be a challenging task for some nonprofits or businesses. FundRazr simplifies the entire process and makes it easy for fundraisers to be creative and try new fundraising tools and techniques.

    If you are currently using a nonprofit CRM system or software, FundRazr becomes a valuable, complementary add-on tool. It has an integration interface with various CRMs and other common nonprofit tools, so you shouldn’t worry about data flow and integrity.

    In most of the cases, you can raise money for a non-profit or charity with FundRazr. However, as a social fundraising platform, we have to work within strict parameters when it comes to charity-driven fundraising.

    Because we need all FundRazr campaigns to comply with fundraising laws, regulations and requirements, FundRazr users must fall under one of three categories to use FundRazr for charity-driven fundraising. Click here to find out which category describes you.

    Yes! If you, your organization or your team members want to see the platform functionality before starting to use it, you can request a platform walkthrough. Our crowdfunding expert will discuss your crowdfunding goals, demonstrate the platform functionality and help you set up your account if you decide to move forward. Request your demo

    about Pricing

    It is easy! While setting up your campaign, you will be asked to choose your pricing model. By default, all campaigns are set to Free Pricing. You can switch to a different pricing model during the campaign setup and, of course, you can make changes later if you change your mind.

    Free Pricing is a universal model that may work for any type of a crowdfunding campaign, not including recurring donations campaign. Free Pricing allows you to maximize the value of the donors’ contributions.

    Standard Pricing supports industry-wide practice of deducting a modest commission from raised funds. Standard Pricing is suitable for fundraisers who prefer to take care of a platform fee themselves instead of relying on a community. Donors are not asked for a tip.

    Pro Pricing allows professional fundraisers configure and define their own pricing. Organizations can create custom defined pricing presets and assign them to different types of campaigns (example: Peer-to-Peer – 75% recovery plan, Year-End – 100% recovery plan, etc.) With Pro Pricing, organizations can recover both platform and third-party payment processing fees. Learn more here

    Mix and Match Principle allows fundraisers and organizations with more than one campaign assign different pricing models (Free, Standard, Pro) for their campaigns.

    You can always switch to another pricing model. To do so, you simply go a Funding and Deadline Tab and select another pricing model. 

    At this moment, Pro Pricing is only available to organizations. 

    You can collect payments via credit/debit cards, bank payments and optionally PayPal.

    For payment processing, FundRazr partners with three leading payment providers. The payment processing options depend on your country and location. For example, bank payments are only available in the US.

    If you are in the US, UK or Canada, you can use PayPal, Stripe or WePay.

    If you are outside the US, UK or Canada, then you have two options:

    1. Stripe is supported in 25+ countries worldwide. see countries
    2. PayPal is supported in more than 26 countries. see countries

    Donors make a contribution using their credit/debit cards, bank payments (only in the US) or through a PayPal account.

    All your payments are processed by our trusted payment processing partners.

    The money moves directly from the donor’s account to your payment processing account.

    FundRazr doesn’t handle or hold your money.

    Depending on how you set up your payment processing account, your collected payments are deposited to your bank on a regular daily, weekly or monthly schedule.

    If you are running Keep It All campaign, your money is deposited to your payment processing account right away. Funds will be released from your account and deposited to your bank account once they have cleared any security checks and according to the daily, weekly or monthly schedule you’ve set for withdrawals.

    For All or Nothing campaigns, your pledges are not processed until you achieve your fundraising goal and request releasing the funds. From that point, they act like Keep it All payments.

    If you haven’t achieved your All or Nothing campaign goal, by the time it ends, no payments are processed and no charges are incurred.

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