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Affliates in Action

Rev Share

Rev-Share Structure

FundRazr uses a rev-share structure for their Partner Program. Contact us for more information.

Downloadable Content

You will have a multitude of content available as soon as you login, from FundRazr banner ads to ‘how-to crowdfund’ content.

Real Time

Real Time Tracking

The moment someone creates a crowdfunding campaign, raises money, or reaches their goal, you will see it automatically updated in your Affiliate Portal.


Source of Content

Be the source of your own website content. From promoting crowdfunding campaigns that have reached their goals, to ones that have inspired you. You will have a full list of campaigns that started from your referral.


Analytics & Reports

Your Affiliate Portal will contain detailed analytics covering the number of sign-ups, total raised, commission earned and much more. See Backend


Support & Management

FundRazr offers 100% support for our Partners. Whether you want custom material or have technical questions, we are there for you. Your referral campaigns have questions? FundRazr’s support team is ready for their questions.

What do I need to become an affiliate?

All you need is a fully functioning website with traffic from an audience in one of FundRazr’s key crowdfunding categories.

Key Crowdfunding Categories


Nicole Naillon-Wilhelm raised $10,375 for her husband’s healthcare.


People looking to raise money for personal reasons like education, health, sports, accidents, travel, gifts, legal, memorials, family emergencies, and more.


JusTea rasied $17,967 to support Kenyan tea farmers.

Communities & Groups

Like-minded people that have come together to make good things happen: alumni, reunions, volunteering, sports, faith, celebrations or group travel and more.


Ride to Give raised $196,526 for kids in need.

Organizations & Non-profits

Charities, non-profit organizations, schools, churches, political groups looking for a new way to raise money or generate campaign contributions via their social media following.


Melanie Perry raised $11,947 to save the Fine Arts Theatre.

Creative & Entrepreneur

Make the dreams of aspiring artists, musicians, entertainers, performers, entrepreneurs and small businesses come true. They can use perks to engage supporters.


Journalistic Source Protection Defence Fund raised $86,231 for the legal defence of Edward Snowden.


Political groups looking for a new way to raise money or generate campaign contributions via their social media following.


Partners for Pets raised $301,872 to rescue abandoned dogs.

Animal Rescues

Raise money to help with expensive vet bills, rescue an abandoned pet from a shelter or animal rescue. It can make a huge difference for our little friends.