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Did you know that 30% of all donations happen in December?  This year, Giving Tuesday falls in December, too. This opens up a unique opportunity to turn your entire December into a celebration of giving.

We've prepared everything you need to turn December into a magical month of giving and help your organization go into the new year ready to tackle your goals!

Plan Your Giving Season Campaigns

Frame Your Story and Ask 

Gifts, holiday plans, family vacations... it’s tough to get people's attention this time of year. However, the flip side is that people tend to be most generous during this season. 

To successfully raise money and get eyes on your campaign, your ask and story need to be specific and compelling. Language like "Support us on Giving Tuesday", or "Help us achieve our mission this December" are not clear, actionable requests - and will not get you the results you want. 

Instead, create a micro-project with a realistic goal for Giving Tuesday and specific ask you’d like to meet for Year-End. Support each campaign with a well-written, emotional story. 

Here’s some examples of good asks for Year-End and Giving Tuesday: 

Giving Tuesday: "Help us renovate our facilities before the New Year"

Year-End: “Help us buy 1000 lunches for underprivileged families this holiday season." 


Create Your Campaigns with Beautiful Giving Season Templates.

Save time and effort by using our high-conversion free thematic templates for Giving Tuesday and Year-End or Giving Season (combined). All templates include a powerful post-donation flow that will maximize donor impact, encouraging them to share the campaign with their network, like your social media pages, and more. 

Getting started with templates is extremely easy - customize the campaign story, add your own images and set your fundraising goal. Voila - your campaigns are ready to launch!

Get started with mobile-optimized and ready-to-use templates

Create Your Giving Season Promo Strategy 

Kick off Giving Season with a Giving Tuesday campaign in the third week of November that you can seamlessly transition into your Year-End project. Maximise your results and visibility by creating one promotional strategy to be shared between both campaigns. 

Download our free Promo Calendar template to get lots of ideas for branding and promotion. Make sure to use the official #GivingTuesday hashtag - this will help you get connected to the giving community and get extra visibility for your campaign.

Download the Promo Planner

Announce Your 2020 Plans during Giving Season 

This is the best time to talk about past accomplishments and plans for the future. Your Year-End Giving campaign is the perfect time to build excitement for 2020’s projects and prepare your community for initiatives coming up in the new year.


How to break through the noise 

As nonprofits, we’re all working with limited resources. Standing out from the crowd online and to get the attention and results you want can feel like a daunting task. All fundraisers want to see the effort they invest into their campaigns pay off - so how can you make sure your time and energy isn’t wasted?

Don’t worry - if planned and executed wisely, your Giving Season project can easily become the most efficient and exciting project of your entire year. 


1. Leverage sponsors
Your sponsors support you because they care - and they want to know how they can help you beyond matching funds! Reach out to your sponsors and ask them to share your campaigns with their network, employees and social media followers. This signal boosting can scale up your visibility and also strengthen your partnership with these sponsors. If you want to learn more, download our guide below.


2. Go dark social
Dark social includes private communication channels like chats, Messenger and email. The open rate for these messaging systems are around 90%, which means your message has a much higher chance of being noticed. FundRazr makes it extremely easy to share your campaign to Messenger, WhatsApp and email.


3. Experiment with timing
Save your most important messages for outside tGiving Tuesday and Year End’s busiest hours. Instead, create 2-5 messages and spread them out over different times and days of the week. You might be surprised to learn that the least popular times got the highest engagement and attention, as there’s less competition from other sources.


4. Make it fun and creative
Create incentives or wish-lists that make donation fun and engaging. With FundRazr, you can create a separate section with the perks or wish-list items you would like to receive this Giving Season, and let people sponsor them to your organization as a Holiday season gift.


5.Add Urgency
Your campaigns have higher chances to break out from the noise if they are urgent or time-sensitive. Clear ask and deadlines push people to act immediately and decrease the possibility of your campaign being forgotten in the holiday buzz.


6. Make the Headlines
Giving Season has a lot of buzz. Seasonal and compelling, good Giving Season campaigns make a great source of stories for local news media. Leverage the newsworthiness of this event by reaching out to your local media and creating a story that will be interesting to the community.


Get Empowered with the Tips 


The Giving Season Guide

How to create Giving Tuesday and Year End campaigns that will stand out from the online noise in 2019

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Find a Perfect Corporate Sponsor
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