Nonprofit's Online Fundraising Strategy

A More Effective Approach
to Facebook Fundraising Tools

Double your results! Learn how to get the most out of your nonprofit's online fundraising efforts, using both Facebook's fundraising tools and FundRazr's enterprise-class fundraising platform.


What are Facebook's Fundraising tools?

Facebook's Fundraising tools enable nonprofits to tap into the largest social network in the world, raising money for their cause within Facebook.

On top of a donate button and special functionality, their platform allows supporters of a cause to set up a charity page dedicated to sharing their story, telling others about their mission and inviting them to rally around a fundraising goal and accept donations.


What is Enterprise-Class Fundraising Platform?

An enterprise-class fundraising platform, like FundRazr, helps nonprofits raise money online and collect donations for charity through all possible social channels, including Facebook.

Enterprise-class platforms also enable fundraisers to control donor data and run more complex fundraising activities, such as peer-to-peer events, DIY projects, micro-projects, and more, without requiring a large investment of money or time to implement these activities.


Double the result!

By strategically using both Facebook and FundRazr online fundraising tools for nonprofits and charities, you can create a stellar online fundraising strategy that will maximize the reach and impact of your cause as well as effectively collect donations.

Create your crowdfunding campaign
These 5 questions will help you optimize
your online fundraising strategy
Answer these questions to define which tools will bring the best results for your charity.
1. What are your online fundraising goals?
Raising money + enrolling new
long-term donors
If you’re looking to raise more than just money, honestly assess if you can afford to lose donor data. With Facebook's fundraising tools, you will receive a donor's contact information (like email address) only if they give permission to share it.
Solution: Run campaigns on a separate, dedicated fundraising platform, then share them on Facebook to capture and collect donor information.
Just raising money

Facebook's own Fundraising tools may give you some leverage and help you collect donations, and can also provide you with additional visibility due to the massive size of the platform. Keep in mind, though, that the funds are not available right away - it usually takes from 2 weeks to a month to get the funds to your account.

Solution: Try running a simple fundraiser with Facebook's tools and see what engagement and results you get from it.
2. Where is your existing donor base located?
Email, offline, a bit in social media

If your active donor base is located on a variety of channels, an enterprise-class crowdfunding platform will be best suited to help you maximize campaign reach and results. Facebook's fundraising tools are efficient only if the majority of your donors are on Facebook

Solution: If majority of your donors are outside your Facebook page or group, consider using online fundraising platform so you can connect with your donor base through the most convenient channels.
Mainly Facebook
If your most of your donor base is on Facebook, then Facebook's fundraising tools will suit your needs and will be a good option for promoting your fundraiser.
Solution: Don't forget to enable the "Donate now" button and promote your fundraiser within your existing donor base to amplify your campaign’s reach and results on Facebook.
3. What kind of fundraising campaigns do you plan to run?
I would like to run a variety of campaigns including peer-to-peer, events, DIY and more
Enterprise-class fundraising platform will enable your organization to run these sophisticated types of campaigns, which often have a large number of participants. Facebook's fundraising tools are intended primarily for simple, straightforward fundraising campaigns.
Solution: If your fundraising strategy involves campaigns that require participation of volunteers or teams, selling tickets or perks, end enterprise-class fundraising platform will help you manage the process and maximize the results - without too much extra work for your team. Just a basic, straight-forward fundraiser
Just a basic, straight-forward fundraiser
If your fundraising strategy doesn't include running peer-to-peer or more complex events, Facebook's fundraising tools could help you reach more people and raise money for your cause.
Solution: Register your nonprofit with Facebook (if you haven't yet) to run fundraising campaigns for your cause.
4. When raising money online, how do you envision
your donor journey and engagement?
Our donor journey is simple. At this moment, it is enough that they support us financially
In this situation, Facebook's fundraising tools could be a great fit for you. Facebook's fundraising tools work great for receiving one-off streams of donations.
Solution: Prepare a fundraiser supported by a great story and video to help connect with people that are not familiar with your cause in order to maximize your chances for donations.
We want to go beyond a single donation, ideally stay in touch later and turn new donors into recurring supporters and advocates
Enterprise-class online fundraising platforms like FundRazr are designed for building long-term connections with supporters and optimizing your fundraising for donor journey.
Solution: Try using enterprise-class crowdfunding for strategic initiatives aimed to grow your donor base. Then, utilize Facebook's fundraising tools separately, for episodic activities designed to raise additional funds from a community.
5. How fast do you need to use the funds you raised?
We will need to deploy funds instantly
Facebook usually takes from 2 weeks to 3 months to process funds. In contrast, funds raised through FundRazr are available in 3-7 days.
Solution: If you need money right away, using online fundraising platform is better as you can retrieve your funds faster.
No urgency or rush for deploying funds
If your organization can afford waiting from 2 weeks to 3 months, then Facebook Fundraising could be an option for you.
Solution: Try planning and running campaigns a couple months earlier just to make sure you are not overdue with your funds deployment plans.

360-degree coverage
of your online fundraising strategy


Always diversify the channels and platforms that you use to spread your message and find new donors
Putting too much time and effort into only one channel of communication can be risky, as any changes, such as to the platform’s algorithm, its reputation, or the way donors use it, can dramatically affect your visibility and results.
Experiment to see what works best for your organization
Sometimes, tactics that give some charities great results don’t work as well for others. Experimenting with various strategies and tools will help you find the best possible outcomes for your organization.
Online fundraising is a powerful tool for building awareness and sharing impact
Looking at online fundraising as an awareness tool can help you change the way you communicate your message. FundRazr is designed to help you get more visibility and increase your impact.
Our Favourite Campaigns
Online fundraising is unique for every organization
Successful fundraising strategy takes into account what sets your cause apart, your unique donor journey experience, and your donors’ native channels of interaction. When creating a strategy, make sure it’s tailored to your cause’s unique challenges and strengths.

Peer-to-peer campaigns

Effective, branded peer-to-peer campaigns will enable community support and amplify cause awareness. Securely delegate management without losing control over campaigns. Empower your participants with social media tools to build bigger teams and reach more donors. Crowdfunding platforms like FundRazr are the solution to effortlessly reaping the benefits of peer-to-peer fundraising. Learn more


Facebook's Fundraising Tools

If you have a large following on Facebook or high reach, try Facebook's fundraising tool as an additional donations stream on top of your regular online fundraising activities.



Divide and conquer: break down your big campaign into smaller micro-projects. Tell a more individualized story, set up achievable goals for your donors and demonstrate high value impact. Each project, person or animal will have an individual page with full fundraising functionality. All funds are safely directed into your account. Efficiently run hundreds or thousands of campaigns with existing staff. Learn more


    Branded Sponsorship Campaigns

    Show your sponsor’s support on your campaign pages. Enable your sponsor to offer a special deal for your supporters in exchange for donations. This win-win strategy extends your fundraising capabilities and provides you with a powerful tool to grow your campaign results.


    Recurring donations

    Recurring donations are an integral part of building nonprofit sustainability. Our crowdfunding website has the functionality to collect monthly donations from your supporters and send automatic updates for any kind of campaigns. Create a recurring stream of donations without paying monthly platform fees.


    Standalone Projects

    If you need to fund a specific project, then our Standalone option makes it easy. Highly-targeted, time-limited campaigns with All Or Nothing funding that helps communicate the impact of donor contributions.


    DIY campaigns

    Take your P2P event to the next level with DIY fundraising. Supplement to your P2P events with more powerful ways to help. With DIY Fundraising, your advocates can independently create and run an unlimited number of fundraising campaigns for your cause without cannibalizing any other campaigns. Learn more


    Charity e-commerce

    Raise more money by offering branded items for sale. Add a Pop-Up Shop to your website in minutes. Automatically issue tax receipts that reflect the value of the goods sold.

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