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Unlike other platforms, our platform doesn’t withhold your funds until you hit a goal.

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With only a few clicks, your campaign is up and ready to receive donations. Over 50,000 people and organizations have raised millions of dollars for needs and projects they care about.

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We have live chat, a large resource centre, one-on-one support and a coaching team that ensures your story is engaging and your campaign is a success.

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Receive easy and secure donations via PayPal, credit card, bank card or WePay. Funds go straight into your account and you can access your money right away.

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PetFundr was created by animal lovers, for animal lovers. Your campaign means a lot to us and your community. Share your campaign through your social networks to get your story heard.

The platform is great!

“As a co-founder of the first ever club baseball team at Brockport I know how important funding is to our club teams. FundRazr has allowed my team along with many other teams across the country an opportunity to raise a tremendous amount of money in such a short period of time. FundRazr is a way to reach out to a large crowd with just the click of a button. We are proud to be partnered up with FundRazr, an organization that is continuing to grow.”

— Dan Grossi, CollClubSports – Sports Information Director