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Crowdfunding for entrepreneurs, creatives & small business

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Turns your supporters into advocates, resulting in 3x more visibility on Facebook and social networks. Supporters’ & donors’ activities get posted in their social news feeds, reaching more people for a campaign.

Social Media

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Rewards allow for campaigners to pre-sell and give back to contributors. Visual rewards increase social media visibility. The rewards share feature creates more user engagement.

Social Media

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Full campaign functionality on Facebook (Facebook App). Full campaign functionality on your website. Mobile and tablet responsive design. Crowdfunding in 26 currencies and over 37 countries worldwide.

crowdfunding for small business

Why aren’t you using Kickstarter, isn’t that trendier?


“Fundrazr is a better platform for flash campaigns. It pays out immediately, doesn’t have a culture of complicated rewards that the recipient must spend tons of time procuring after the money is raised. We used a ‘keep it all’ funding model. It’s a simpler, quicker model. It’s more like borrowing $20 off a friend but never paying them back. Pretty cool.”

Daniel Ziv, a creator of documentary film “JALANAN”

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Funding Models

keep-it-all funding model

Keep It All

Boost your support by offering rewards as incentives to inspire more donations.

  • No goal, no deadline required
  • Keep all funds raised
  • Access your funds right away
  • FundRazr’s fees – 5%
  • No extra fees, no penalties
all-or-nothing funding model

All or Nothing

Power your start-up with pre-orders of a new product or services in exchange for support.

  • Goal and Deadline required
  • Collect pledges from contributors
  • Access your funds after reaching the goal
  • FundRazr’s fees – 5%
  • No extra fees, no penalties

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