First Tech Federal Credit Union



Our Elmonica third graders have some wonderful technology at their fingertips but need headphones to make the most of it. Not all of our students can afford to bring their own so we would like to be able to supply one for every student.

$700 raised of $695 goal
Finished May 31, 2019

Help us take our coding and programming to the next level! Cooper Mountain students can use the Micro:bit to program an awesome robot, called a Gigglebot. Gigglebots have many applications including advanced coding language, problem solving, and geometry.

$1,380 raised of $1.3k goal
Finished April 18, 2019

Our project is looking for funding partners to support each Sato 5th grade student to experience creating a small world ecology system by designing and building their own terrariums.

$1,886 raised of $1.9k goal
Finished March 7, 2019

Help our 8th grade science classes design, build, and test bridges! Each class will break into teams of 2 students to build bass wood bridges that can hold a truck with a weighted load. Our engineers finish by determining the breaking point.

$2,340 raised of $2.2k goal
Finished February 20, 2019

As a BSD STEAM school, Sato Elementary works hard to fulfill our mission to provide active, relevant, educational experiences that foster globally minded innovative citizens in and out of the classroom. Our STEAM Night highlights and builds on this work!

$1,000 raised of $1k goal
Finished January 16, 2019

Terra Nova School School of Science and Sustainability is a science options school, where students learn applied Chemistry and Field Biology. We are asking for funds that allow students to design and build their own Aquaponics System.

$700 raised of $1.4k goal
Finished January 4, 2019

This program is designed to explore the ins and outs of Ableton Live. Walking students through sketches and experimentation, the class will follow the steps involved in producing electronic music in any style.

$1,649 raised of $1.6k goal
Finished November 6, 2018

Help Sexton Mountain add to our Lego WeDo 2.0 sets to improve STEAM learning. We would like to add three more sets to improve the students to kit ratio to help keep all students engaged and make learning more enjoyable.

$770 raised of $606 goal
Finished October 7, 2018

Help our youngest learners solidify core reading and math skills by the use of robotics. Cubetto engages students directly with core reading and math skills by using coding to creatively meet grade level standards.

$1,020 raised of $1k goal
Finished October 5, 2018

We would love to introduce Piper Computer Kits to our fifth-grade students to experience hands-on learning and exploration through computer science, technology, and engineering activities.

$1,200 raised of $1.2k goal
Finished October 3, 2018