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Please help us begin the New Year ready and able to help provide more urgent dogs with new beginnings and happy endings. We can only do that with YOUR help and support! In this season of giving, please give as generously as you can!

$115 raised of $5k goal
157 Days running

Help desperately needed for medical funds to assist more dogs in need! We are on hold for medical intakes until we can replenish our medical fund and pay down the balance on our vet bill. Dogs are waiting for our help. Please donate!

$20 raised of $5k goal
95 Weeks running

We have big plans for 2018, but we need your help! Right now we desperately need funds for medical care. We cannot help more dogs without YOUR help! Chico, Rocky, Annette, Willow, Gemma and many more depend on us!

$360 raised of $5k goal
2 Years running

Rooney and his mom need our help! He has a high fever, vomiting and diarrhea. He has been at an emergency hospital since last night and the costs are already huge and rising! Please help Martha to help her boy Rooney!

$20 raised of $2k goal
2 Years running

PLEASE HELP US HELP CHICO! Chico lived in a basement and then with a family who loved him but could not keep him. He does not trust new people. He is scared of them. He needs training and rehabilitation to learn that it's safe to trust!

$650 raised of $3.1k goal
2 Years running

We are in desperate need of funds to pay down our vet bill which is HUGE! Until we can do that, we are on HOLD for new intakes - we cannot help when we are contacted by ACOs or families! Please help! So many dogs in need are waiting for us!

$10 raised of $10k goal
2 Years running

PLEASE HELP US HELP MORE DOGS IN NEED! We are currently ON HOLD FOR NEW INTAKES! Our funds are LOW and our vet bill is HIGH! Many dogs wait for our help! Please help us to make the hold a short one - we would much rather say YES when asked for help!

$831 raised of $10k goal
2 Years running

EMERGENCY! Chuckles was hit by a car! He is, thankfully recovering, but the cost of his medical care is large! We are ON HOLD for medical intakes! PLEASE DONATE so we can make it a SHORT hold! Help us say YES again!

$0 raised of $1k goal
2 Years running

HELP US SAVE GEMMA! She was just saved from a life of abuse and neglect and now she has cancer! She needs surgery and treatment. Please help us to allow her to know what it means to live a happy life - for the first time. We don't want to lose her!

$485 raised of $3.5k goal
2 Years running

Chico was rescued from a bad situation by Brenda. She reached out to us because he is having some severe medical problems - we have committed to helping Chico to get him the medical care he desperately needs. We can't help Chico and Brenda without you!

$255 raised of $750 goal
2 Years running