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We are in desperate need of funds...desperate! We rely on the kindness of strangers to do this work. We are very, very small and yet we do big things. Food, medical, everyday adds up to thousands of dollars a month! Please read our story...

$11,279 raised of $3.5k goal
2 Years running

Hermione is 13 years old. She has struggled with urinary tract infections over the years which always seemed to clear up with antibiotics. But after her last dose she was still leaking urine and so last week, after an x-ray, the vet found a rather ...

$160 raised of $1.5k goal
15 Days left

Not every kitty has a home...some, once rescued, have no where to return home to. These are the kitties that we places into our barn...a safe haven where they can live their life free of stress...a place where they receive food, water and shelter.

$2,470 raised of $2.6k goal
2 Years running

This feral momma needs our help immediately! Momma was being fed by some kind people. They were trying like so many people who feed to befriend her and she got to the point were she would allow some touch. But when they noticed she was pregnant they ...

$1,710 raised of $1.8k goal
107 Days running

Prince was admitted thru the ER at Maine Veterinary Medical Center in Scarborough on Friday. After his exam a game plan was set for Monday. He needs an MRI and a spinal tap. We put a $2,700 down payment for his testing but we desperately need to raise ...

$135 raised of $3k goal
81 Days running

Sick kittens...sick much help is needed for these babies and adults we trapped yesterday and so much more for the colony cats that need TNR. We trapped 5 kittens and ALL of them are severely malnourished, emaciated with serious diarrhea, ...

$2,380 raised of $2.5k goal
98 Days running

Born with severe deformities Edgar underwent extension surgery In Feb 2018 having 5 pins with external fixators attached to each of his back legs. Edgar was finally able to walk but now needs hopefully one last surgery to be able to walk free of pain.

$1,162 raised of $3k goal
189 Days running

Your support means a lot to us. Please consider donating or spreading the word about our cause.

$1,170 raised of $2.5k goal
36 Weeks running

Winter is here and it’s here with a vengeance. It’s seems quiet in Maine but under the silence is struggle..the quiet struggle of animals trying to find shelter from the biting cold, the struggle to find food and water unfrozen..the struggle to survive.

$195 raised of $1k goal
38 Weeks running

Helping those who care enough to not turn a blind eye...Shadow was a young stray cat when a kind human started feeding her outside...

$185 raised of $600 goal
41 Weeks running