BEF Matching Gift Challenge



Help us send 300 of our ELL & student leaders to see Judge Torres, a local theater production about Multnomah County District Judge, Ximoara Torres, a Latina immigrant woman brought up in the foster-care system.

$300 raised of $300 goal
Finished April 23, 2019

The Adapted PE team, which serves Special Education students, needs two portable speakers systems and a few other items to enhance their events. Basketball tournaments, Color Runs, and Track & Field days just aren't the same without some good music!

$1,045 raised of $839 goal
Finished April 23, 2019

Help us continue an integral part of ACMA’s writing culture - Ballpoint. This project allows 250 writing students to publish their work in gorgeous, professional anthologies through Amazon's self-publishing arm.

$1,005 raised of $500 goal
Finished April 18, 2019

Play has many important and lasting benefits for kindergarten students. While our classroom has some basic items to foster students' growth in play, I am requesting funding to purchase consumable and play items. Thank you!

$1,400 raised of $1.4k goal
Finished April 16, 2019

Your generous donation will help our third graders bring fractions to life by building real benches!

$220 raised of $200 goal
Finished March 30, 2019

I am looking for $625 to buy recorders for kids at our school who can't afford to get their own. This grant will allow all Elmonica students in grades 3-5 to have a recorder at their home for practice.

$625 raised of $625 goal
Finished March 20, 2019

The AHS band is in desperate need of another set of lockers! The set we received last year has been tremendously helpful but with our growing program, we need one more set. We're over 2/3 of the way there. Just another $500 to go!

$640 raised of $500 goal
Finished March 18, 2019

This year we would love to introduce and integrate pottery for our students to experience hands-on learning and exploration through creative arts activities.

$1,540 raised of $1.5k goal
Finished February 9, 2019

Help provide a band festival for BSD middle school band programs. The festival ensures all middle school advanced bands can perform and have the opportunity to receive feedback from professional adjudicators.

$4,000 raised of $4k goal
Finished February 9, 2019

Learning to play the ukulele in music class is an amazing way to provide students with music skills that stretch beyond the classroom. I love that students can work on music at home and then jam together in class. It makes them feel like rocks stars!

$1,655 raised of $1.6k goal
Finished February 7, 2019