BEF Matching Gift Challenge



Please support the 5th grade team at Bethany Elementary as they explore what it means to be anti-racist with set of Ibram X. Kendi's book for young readers, Stamped: Racism, Anti-Racism, and You. Now is the time to take action!

$540 raised of $1.6k goal
5 Days running

Music matters for our ISC special needs students while they learn from home! The LIFTS fund enables Beaver Acres' dedicated music teacher to distribute specialized instruments to their homes.

$1,100 raised of $1.1k goal
Finished May 6, 2020

The 5th graders get to go to OSU, learn about science, tour the the school, and ask questions to a panel of current OSU students. The experience is one that our past 5th graders (even the Duck fans!) still bring up to us when they visit!

$1,060 raised of $1k goal
Finished March 5, 2020

Pitch, rhythm, harmony, expression - Ukuleles cover so many elements of music and are accessible to all ages and abilities. Please help Ridgewood purchase a classroom set of 30 ukuleles. Once students learn 3 to 4 chords, the possibilities are endless!

$2,990 raised of $2.3k goal
Finished March 4, 2020

Help send 157 Southridge High freshman to see "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time" at The Armory this spring for a special performance about a teen with autism, navigating the streets of London. Just $15 helps another student!

$2,355 raised of $2.4k goal
Finished February 24, 2020

The Aloha National Art Honors Society, with the theater, choir, and band programs at Aloha High School are seeking your support in painting a mural in the performing arts hallway that reflects the energy, diversity, and spirit of Aloha.

$500 raised of $500 goal
Finished February 22, 2020

As a collaboration of writers, artists and young designer/publishers, Aeternum publishes student writers and artists in a meaningful and beautiful professional publication. The Aloha Go! Warriors Opportunity Fund is proud to support this project!

$1,000 raised of $1k goal
Finished February 22, 2020

Help Sunset High School bring in speakers, David Kozlowski and Heidi Swapp, for an evening community event to learn how to partner with your children, help them combat anxiety and depression, and build high-quality relationships for life.

$7,680 raised of $7.6k goal
Finished February 12, 2020

Can the Kinnaman Choir of 4th & 5th graders count on you to help them go to the SWOKE (Southern WA & OR Kodaly Educators) spring choral festival April 25th? $24 covers the cost of music for 1 student and will be DOUBLED right now by the Juan Young Trust.

$816 raised of $602 goal
Finished February 4, 2020

Help us bring professional musicians into our middle school band program to mentor students and provide masterclasses for each instrument! Each donation of $50 will bring in a professional musician for the students who play their instrument. Thank you!

$1,900 raised of $1.9k goal
Finished January 31, 2020