BEF 96-hour Matching Gift Challenge



Here in first grade we are getting smart with technology! My students need an Apple TV to display and share their hard work electrically for the entire class to see.

$0 raised of $480 goal
4 Hours running

As a culminating activity, writing students publish their work in a gorgeous, professional anthology through Amazon's self-publishing program. This project allows students to experience the seemingly endless revisions required for authentic writing.

$0 raised of $600 goal
25 Hours running

Music is vital to the growth of students and the brain. The opportunities they receive in class are often their only exposure to music. The funds raised would help purchase iPads and provide my students with the opportunity to create, enjoy and learn.

$600 raised of $2.4k goal
15 Days running

Students from my 7th grade science classes as well as 8th grade science students will design and establish native planting areas providing habitat and food sources for migrating Monarch butterflies as well as other local pollinator species.

$90 raised of $500 goal
26 Days running

McKinley Elementary would like to invite award-winning professional storyteller, Anne Rutherford to work with our third grade students to build confidence, which then will allow them the security to address areas of concerns in their community.

$1,640 raised of $1.6k goal
Finished February 15, 2018

We are the work experience program at Aloha High School. Our goal is to create a learning opportunity for our students and generate funds for our vocational training program.

$350 raised of $320 goal
Finished February 12, 2018

Help provide innovative and creative tools for the SHS Apollo Press Student Publishing Center and Design Lab. We want to purchase 4 Sphero SPRK+, 4 Makey Makeys (plus accessories), and some creative art supplies for our #MakerMondays lunchtime events.

$1,000 raised of $1k goal
Finished January 27, 2018

We are the structured routines center for Beaverton High school and we need a class sets of books for reading.

$561 raised of $561 goal
Finished January 26, 2018

I am the elementary physical education teacher at Errol Hassell Elementary School. I am hoping to use more technology in my class to help expose the students to new activities, give better visual aides and facilitate independent learning.

$750 raised of $729 goal
Finished January 26, 2018

We are six teachers from Merlo Station High School that are working to increase a greater sense of belonging to a positive community. A major component of this effort is the support of student-driven, personally relevant clubs at our school setting.

$1,000 raised of $1k goal
Finished January 25, 2018