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Gráinne's has CLL and cutaneous lymphoma, the latter of which is very aggressive and we need to get her chemo NOW! This should have started already so we need help immediately!

$965 raised of $1.4k goal
Finished March 2, 2017
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**In extended time! Still open! Please help! **** Gleann needs surgery to remove a parathyroid nodule which is causing him to have excess calcium. Without this he will shortly have organ damage.

$1,550 raised of $3.5k goal
Finished November 2, 2016
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After the loss of our 15 year old dog Sachairi we found out that our other two dogs Gleann & Grainne have medical issues also. Grainne has been effectively diagnosed although we hope to do more in her regard later. Gleann, however, needs immediate help!

$965 raised of $2k goal
Finished September 11, 2016
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