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Chemo for Grainne and Feed some other Beasts
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Some of you may remember that we had to raise money to help get our dogs Gráinne and Gleann diagnosed and then for Gleann's surgery (which was totally successful and which he is recovering from well...still a lot of hair to grow back is the only way you'd know he'd been through all that) that point Gráinne was doing okay.  We really appreciate the help, as our financial situation was dire. 

Gráinne was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). As her numbers were in a good range and Gleann's issues were so much more immediate at the time, we focused on him. 

Gráinne (racing name Sunset Seduction) is a quirky 7 year-old Greyhound who we adopted in the summer of 2014. She has epilepsy, which we knew about but it is well controlled. She had one sezure since we adopted and they adjusted her medication and she's doing well. She's our 6th Greyhound and while most have been somewhat goofy she is a contender for most goofy.  She is our first to not want to get on the couches and bed.....I mean at she is phobic. This might actually be due to her condition or the meds which make her a bit clumsy, but she'll lie on her dog bed close to the couch or bed.. She can get anxious about things, she does not like routine changes, she wants to be near us (even if no couch or bed snuggles), She will stand and lean into you while you rub her ears, it's one of her favorite things.

We knew something was up with her when she started having random lumps and joint pain in 2015...not always together. LIke she migth have a swelling on her joint and it would cause her pain, but sometimes the joint would hurt but no swelling and other times she'd have swelling but no signs of pain.  She was checked out for various things, then blood work in March of 2016 it showed she had CLL. Her numbers were still low, she was showing no signs. And Gleann was diagnosed with hyercalcemia which could compromise his life in a short time so we focused on his issues.

This winter she began showing symptoms and her blood tests showed an elevation. Her lymph nodes are swollen now. She's on Prednisone at the moment. We need to do further testing, like x-rays and ultrasounds to see if her organs are compromised and to look for other indications of if the Pred could, possibly at a higher level, beat it back or if it would just cause the cancer to become resistant to steroids and she needs to be on chemo. 

We were working to get her in for further evaluations in the next couple of weeks. When our already paycheck-to-paycheck situation took a sudden nosedive.

Last week Aaron fell in the barn and broke his leg.  He's the only one working, he is per deim and their seems not assistance at all for time lost.  Obviously, as an EMT there is no way he can work a desk once he's started healing a bit, he needs to be completely healed and have done quite a stretch of Physical Therapy.   I have not been employed for a few years. I have been getting my health together, or trying, and intended to get back to work, but there are expenses involved (classes, certifications and insurance) which I was working towards, although now finishing that is impossible with no income.  

So I am afraid that we are again reaching out. To both get her fully evaluated and start chemo (we are also applying for a grant or two) and help keep our other animals fed and cared until Aaron is literally on his feet again and I can find a job or find some way to start my business. The current goal is just a guess...unfortunately, it may rise from there....


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PDF of one of my articles for each $5, choice of any one of:
"Chase to Nowhere: Thoughts on Fénnidecht Rites of Passage"
"Muimme naFiann: Foster-mother of Heroes"
"Going into Wolf-Shape"
"'By Force in the Battlefield': Finding the Irish Female Hero"
"The War Goddess's Bitch"
"Warriors for the Horse Goddess"
"Musings on the Irish War Goddesses"

So if you donate $5 it's one article, for $10 you can choose two and so on.
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PDF of essay never online
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"There Was Not Found a Man to Withstand Her" was published in the Lughnasadh issue of Air n-Aithesc and was never added to the website, so I am asking for a bit more to offer this one.
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Shadow of the Hooded Crow workshop vouchers
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This is a voucher for a reduction in the cost of workshops, in person (which may not happen at all if no venue can be found) OR online. Due to the focus on trying to save Gleann, the planning for these workshops has been put on hold, so they may not happen until LATE 2017 now...and to be perfectly frank, far longer if we do lose him after all this, it will take me more time to recover.
This is a dollar for dollar reduction. It is also retroactive, so if you have donate $10 or more and are interested you can take this.
If you choose this option, I will send you an email acknowledging this and you need to keep it safe. At the time of registration you can send a copy of the email with your registration (or if it is a real life venue and you register in person you can use a print version). I will also keep a list of email addresses and I will send a mailing out.
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Pictish Horse Pendant
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Appears to be by Rainnea when they were making such things. Pewter. No chain/cord, mesh bag.
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Wolf head pendant/charm
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Silver or silver plated, yes it's tarnished, sorry, comes with velvet like pouch but no cord or chain. Wolf "bites" the chain. Black stone.
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Lady With a Mead Cup
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Four Court Press, 2007 hardcover edition. Like new, barely touched. Which is all I'll say about my feelings about this book. Well, okay, I also feel my dog should be richly awarded for keeping this book in such condition because it would have flown across the room many times if I hadn't been worried about scaring her and our other dogs. So to release another copy back into the world I expect a good donation. More than I'm asking would be appreciated. Remember you're helping us save a dog and getting a book in return, not buying a book!

Please know your country's shipping laws if you are outside the US, I will ship anywhere I can.
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