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To cap off 2016, Ride to Give is asking you to become part of the RTGA 33% by committing to a monthly tax-deductible donation to Ride to Give today.

$30,232 raised so far
2 Years running

Ride to Give is a 501c3 (tax ID 46-2952297) public charity that turns athletic ability into fundraising power for families with children who are disabled, injured, or ill. All donations made here will go to our current and future causes. Thank you!

$41,553 raised so far
3 Years running

To honor Ride to Give co-founder Kaete Nazaroff's birthday, we are asking members of the Ride to Give Army to commit to a monthly tax-deductible donation to Ride to Give in support of ongoing programming and smaller cause requests. Read more below...

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Team Ride to Give 2017

$5,500 raised so far
2 Years running

To cap off a successful 2017, Ride to Give is asking RTGA members to become part of the "RTGA 33%" by committing to a monthly tax-deductible donation to Ride to Give. Your reoccurring donations will help us grow and expand our reach to help more families.

$2,540 raised so far
83 Weeks running

Your continued support means the world to us at Ride to Give. Please consider donating and/or spreading the word about our current featured cause.

$4,803 raised so far
Finished June 22, 2019

8-month-old former conjoined twins Remi and Jesi Pitre of Apopka, FL are finally home after separation surgery. Their new home needs a few modifications to make it safer for them as well as assistance in offering financial peace of mind for their parents.

$7,249 raised so far
Finished March 11, 2019

11-month-old Willow Crowe of McDonough, GA was diagnosed with Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis (LCH) at just 6 months. She is undergoing chemotherapy to keep her LCH at bay. Please help RTG support the Crowe family during Willow's lengthy treatments.

$2,276 raised of $12.9k goal
Finished December 10, 2018

In September 2017, Keira (Kiki) Cunningham of Tappan, NJ had an Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) rupture in her brain and has been hospitalized ever since. She is finally set to come home but needs a special seat for the family van so she can be safe.

$1,579 raised of $12.8k goal
Finished October 17, 2018

In May of 2018, 7-year-old Annaston Cox of Altha, FL suffered a devastating stroke following heart surgery. Please help Ride to Give support her recover and provide a wheelchair, activity chair, stander, tube feeding supplies and medical travel expenses.

$15,725 raised of $15.7k goal
Finished September 19, 2018