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PLAY 4 CALAIS was founded in December 2015, to bring pop-up cinema, sporting activities, play-time and vital aid to the 1000+ children and 10,000+ adults living in The Jungle in Calais. As is the case in camps the world over - and with little to do and tensions high - refugees are desperate for respite care and community building activities to take part in. In particular, we found that football, food and cinema were international languages that spoke to all and helped build bonds among The Jungle’s diverse communities. Since December 2015, we made over 30 trips to Calais and “popped-up” over 20 cinema screenings to about 300 children and 600 adults at a time. We delivered over £20,000 of unworn children’s winter clothing for distribution and we handed out over £10,000 of vital aid such as blankets, shoes and kitchen utensils to refugees. We were always asked to come back as soon as we can, from residents and long-term volunteers alike. ​ Whilst the camp in Calais has now closed, our fundraising efforts are ongoing and our work is now taking us to Birmingham, Southampton, Devon, Dunkirk and beyond... Hence we have now become, PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND. We continue to provide tailored and personalised responses for refugees we meet around Europe: 200 bottles of shampoo, baby baskets and baby blankets for new born babies in Calais and Dunkirk; shoes for men and teenage boys who have ​had theirs stolen by the police, as an act of intimidation, in France; sports and entertainment equipment delivered to youth clubs and safe-houses taking in refugee children across the UK; laptops for skilled IT workers who want to continue their studies here in the UK, whilst waiting for their asylum applications to be processed. The need is endless, but we are determined to provide a humanitarian response to this humanitarian crisis and help give refugees back a sense of humanity in the face of extraordinary adversity. Every donation you make makes a huge difference; every refugee we meet is an interesting, intelligent, astonishingly brave and brilliant individual who's fallen on desperately hard times, but still remembers and craves the wonder, joy and escapism of cinema, sports, tea groups and meals with friends. ​Thank you for helping us to help them. The PLAY 4 CALAIS motto is “be a light in the dark”. We are run and staffed by volunteers who take no salary and do this around our full time jobs. The PLAY 4 CALAIS SUPERSTARS x

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PLAY 4 CALAIS started as a grassroots initiative to provide pop-up cinema, safe-play and vital aid to the refugees living in "The Jungle", Calais. As the refugees were relocated, so we became PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND. Our motto is "be a light in the dark".

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MEENA is a community interest company set up to carry on work started in Calais, where the founder supported asylum seekers & refugees. The centre will offer a safe space for all, and enable people to access support, healing, legal help & information.

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PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND brings vital aid and essential supplies to refugees and asylum seekers in Calais, Dunkirk, Birmingham, Devon and Beyond.

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4 Years running

PLAY 4 CALAIS & BEYOND brings pop-up cinema and play-time to refugee children, teenagers and adults living in camps across Europe, as well as safe-houses and community spaces, right here in the UK.

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4 Years running

Be a light in the dark for refugees and help bring a sense of normality and humanity back to their world

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4 Years running

PLAY 4 CALAIS is fundraising to provide vehicles in Calais that will allow transport in and out – from days out to the beach, to delivering aid around the camp and transporting refugees to and from the local hospital.

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Finished May 13, 2017

For £500 we can bring films and fun THIS WEEKEND (Fri 8th - 10th July) for the unaccompanied children in the refugee camp in Calais to help take their minds off the pain and trauma of their past, current situation and uncertain future.

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Finished May 13, 2017