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As sixth graders, many students are home alone after school, preparing snacks, if not meals, for themselves. This 3 day workshop will empower them to make informed choices about what they eat while making their own pickles, smoothies & fancy toast! YUM!

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29 Days running

We are the Beaverton High Free Form Fashion Design Club. This after school club was developed for students to explore a new-age approach to design revolving around the use of imagination and retired garments.

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Finished April 26, 2019

Through an in-depth study, 7th grade Health & Science School students will learn about the causes of natural disasters, the impact they have on the environment and human populations, and how to prepare for natural disasters themselves.

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Finished April 17, 2019

We are from the Arts & Communication Magnet Academy and we're looking for help to expand our compost and garden area! We want to create an experience for students where they can watch their old food be broken down by worms and transform into useable food.

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Finished February 1, 2019

Help the BSD Community Transition Program purchase adaptive kitchen equipment to better serve our growing student population.

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Finished September 29, 2018

Merlo Station's Horticulture Program is Growing! Support student-led garden expansion projects like raised bed- and trellis-building, greenhouse irrigation, garden tool acquisition, food waste composting, and more.

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Finished May 26, 2018

Students from my 7th grade science classes as well as 8th grade science students will design and establish native planting areas providing habitat and food sources for migrating Monarch butterflies as well as other local pollinator species.

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Finished March 19, 2018

Terra Nova School School of Science and Sustainability is a science options school, where students learn applied Chemistry and Field Biology. We are asking for funds that allow students to design and build their own Aquaponics System.

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Finished December 12, 2017

Gardens are a welcoming, relaxing environment for children and adults. Elmonica students and volunteers will create a space that welcomes students to explore using smell, touch, and sight.

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Finished October 17, 2017


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