Whitford & Highland Park Middle schools would like to create a collaborative project to build, troubleshoot, and work together on a pair of robotic arms. Then we will develop a display where we are able to remotely control each school's robot.

$1,081 raised of $2.2k goal
5 Days running

Whitford Middle School 6th grade Humanities team would like to purchase a Glowforge design and etching machine to bring their studies to life. Click to see what a Glowforge could do for us!

$3,065 raised of $2.6k goal
Finished August 6, 2019

Help Oak Hills purchase 15 Sphero BOLTs to integrate technology with their math lessons. The Sphero BOLTs can be used in many grade levels in the future, across the curriculum, to support instruction with innovative ideas and engaging strategies.

$1,950 raised of $1.9k goal
Finished June 7, 2019

Vose Elementary Kindergarten team would like to purchase 10 Cubetto robots for our 5 classrooms. Cubettos are ideal for our emerging readers and multi-lingual students to teach math, phonics, coding concepts, and much more!

$2,250 raised of $2.3k goal
Finished April 27, 2019

McKay’s students would benefit from Cubetto’s coding. Coding with Cubetto requires no screen or reading, so our youngest students can be introduced to the world of coding, while providing other learning skills through hands-on, tactile interaction.

$500 raised of $500 goal
Finished April 23, 2019

Help us create environmental leaders and global citizens through updated classroom technology.

$1,840 raised of $1.8k goal
Finished March 8, 2019

We are a school of artists, designers, and creators. Whitford's small-scale visual design program in the library is growing fast! We hope to create a career readiness program based on their interests and developing digital design skills.

$1,226 raised of $1.2k goal
Finished February 1, 2019

Help the Sunset HS Library purchase a Hummingbird Bit Classroom Bundle so we can work with classroom teachers and help students create projects that involve books, engineering design, and coding. Students will design and build mini book character robots!

$1,000 raised of $1.6k goal
Finished January 26, 2019

Physical computing combines coding in a text-based language with creating devices to use in real-world applications. Our project will be to learn the Python coding while applying code to physical computing using sensors for capturing pictures of wildlife.

$628 raised of $628 goal
Finished November 28, 2018

My middle school students crave hands-on learning experiences. This project seeks to give them an opportunity to learn and apply skills in design, engineering, electronics, and CNC woodworking in order to create something fun.

$2,400 raised of $2.4k goal
Finished November 6, 2018