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Lola is a Labrador puppy who we believe has a condition called Cerebella Hypoplasia. This is where a part of her brain has not developed as it should. She is very wobbly and very wonky but in all other ways a happy healthy pup. She needs an MRI scan ...

£1,265 raised of £2k goal
45 Days running

Will you donate a £1 to help us help the animals in our care because without your support we can’t continue helping those that need us..

£1,475 raised of £18k goal
68 Weeks running

Due to impending legislation we are facing an unprecedented increase in the numbers of ex breeding dogs needing a place in our rescue.

£5,022 raised of £10k goal
Finished August 1, 2019

Tilley, just a pup, has come in very sick after her owner bought her in a car park via an online advertisement. She came in having lost weight, lost much of her fur and passing blood. Now receiving treatment at our vets.

£1,257 raised of £1k goal
50 Weeks running

Daniel is Running for the Wonkies in the Newport Marathon on April 29th. He has never run a marathon before and he is trying to raise money to help our neediest animals.

£100 raised of £250 goal
72 Weeks running

Ursula has lived in a dark world for a long time. An ex breeding bitch from a third party dealer she now deserves to come in to the light.

£1,083 raised of £2.5k goal
79 Weeks running

A major part of our rescue is the work we do with our wonky animals, the Wonky Crew. Dogs, cats and rabbits who come to us with life challenging illness and/or injuries. Please help us meet their needs this winter.

£1,169 raised of £5k goal
93 Weeks running

Jake came in with part of a leg missing. Now at 6 months old he is experiencing pain in the remaining part so needs to undergo amputation.

£575 raised of £500 goal
99 Weeks running

Dave Sewell, animal lover and cat fosterer took his life on the weekend of 3rd June after battlling with depression for some time. Dave not only supported his mum Eileen in her rescue work but also volunteered with our rescue.

£690 raised of £500 goal
2 Years running

Nadia and Alex, both much valued FOAWALES Volunteers, are running the Cardiff Half Marathon again to raise vital life saving funds for our wonky animals. Please support them and help them save lives.

£130 raised of £200 goal
103 Weeks running