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The Belmont Playboys were part of the New York music scene for thirty years along with some touring dates, four albums and getting a chance to play with some of the biggest names in the music industry they made it a lifetime of adventure and humor. ...

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12 Round Publishing is being developed to answer a demand for positive American novels, the sort that used to be published and became classics, because they told of struggle and success of hard work and reward. American has suffered some periods of ...

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Producing a documentary about the struggles of independent musicians and singers.

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12 Round Productions is a new media company promoting liberty and exposing government scandals through intriguing interviews with newsmakers.

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12 Round Productions is in the final stretch of a very long project. We are currently seeking funds to finish and advertise the film

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Finished June 26, 2017

Lies of Omission is a film about American Freedom, what it was, what happened to it and how to get it back. It is a film that every Millennial should see, by force if necessary.

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Finished April 12, 2017

Lies of Omission is a documentary in the works exposing media-bias and pursuing the truth about guns and gun ownership.

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Finished January 30, 2017

If you complain about the liberal media about guns and gun control, help Lies of Omission tell the truth.

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Finished December 13, 2016