Stock the Pantry

$100 provides one bag each of chicken, duck, sheep, pig and calf feed.

We currently don't have any items available to claim.

$5 CAD
Feed a Calf for a Day
During their first weeks with us, the calves are fed a nutritious milk formula and gradually weaned onto grain, grass and hay. For just $5 you will be providing food for one of our calves for a day!
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$10 CAD
Provide a Cozy Bed
Bedding is one of our biggest costs! $10 buys a bag of shavings or a bale of fresh straw to provide a clean, cozy place to sleep in the barn.
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$20 CAD
Shear a Sheep
As the hot weather approaches, it's time to lose that warm woolly winter coat. If you're around on June 2, you can come and watch it happen!
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$25 CAD
Bring in the Hay
For just $25 you will be providing a weeks' worth of top quality hay, to be enjoyed by the sheep and calves and even a little by the pigs!
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$40 CAD
Raise a Chicken
For just $40 you will be providing food to one of our chickens for the entirety of our operating season.
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$50 CAD
Promote a Healthy Diet
$50 buys one months' worth of feed for a pig. Of course he or she will also enjoy fresh treats from the garden and lots of healthy scraps from the kitchen!
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$75 CAD
Fence the Farmyard
Suitable enclosures and pasture fencing is very important in our urban setting. $75 buys 10 sturdy Nova Scotia posts or rails (the labour to put them up is donated!)
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$100 CAD
Stock the Pantry
$100 provides one bag each of chicken, duck, sheep, pig and calf feed.
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$200 CAD
Call the Vet
Enjoying fresh green grass can unfortunately mean tummy pests. $200 covers the cost of a visit from a large animal vet for a check up and treatment!
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Here's the campaign

Feed the Farm, Enrich the Community
by Cole Harbour Rural Heritage Society
  • $2,235 raised
  • 36 contributors
It's almost time! The Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum opens on May 15 and that means sheep, chickens, ducks, piglets and calves will soon be arriving. We need your help! Please donate to the care and feeding of our 2019 farm animal program.