See your name up in, well, not lights but in bold print on a lovely big sign displayed at all the 2015 Winnipeg Comedy Festival galas!

  • 23 claimed
  • 477 available

We currently don't have any items available to claim.

$25 CAD
The "Webberific"
  • 18 claimed
  • 732 remaining
Be acknowledged as a GSAC Superstar; get listed on our website Initiatives page as a supporter of our project!
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$50 CAD
The "Gala Star"
  • 23 claimed
  • 477 remaining
See your name up in, well, not lights but in bold print on a lovely big sign displayed at all the 2015 Winnipeg Comedy Festival galas!
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$100 CAD
The "Merch Maniac"
  • 24 claimed
  • 226 remaining
Choose from two archival GSAC and Winnipeg Comedy Festival merch items. T-shirts, banana-shaped USB key, belt buckles and lots of other funky fun stuff to choose from!
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$250 CAD
The "Gala Ticket Meister"
  • 13 claimed
  • 87 remaining
Get tickets to one of Winnipeg's funniest annual events - choose a pair of tickets to any of our 2015 Winnipeg Comedy Festival gala shows. Value of $80!
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$500 CAD
The "Program Mention"
  • 3 claimed
  • 47 remaining
Have your name listed in the 2015 Winnipeg Comedy Festival program, distributed to all 12,000 festival attendees! If that doesn't boost your social media stats, nothing will!
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$1,000 CAD
The "Poster Perfect"
  • 0 claimed
  • 25 remaining
Get a super cool, archival dry-mounted Winnipeg Comedy Festival poster signed by comedians! Let us know if there is a particular year that you might be interested in, and we can pull one from our archives
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$2,500 CAD
The "Show Time!"
  • 0 claimed
  • 10 remaining
Personal use of Gas Station Arts Centre for one evening - basically, you get a one night rental to host a performance, hold a ping pong tournament on stage, or or hold a gaming party for 232 of your very closest friends!
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$5,000 CAD
The "Stool Sample"
  • 0 claimed
  • 4 remaining
Get an archival kitchen stool signed by Winnipeg Comedy Festival comedians! Each year we ask the festival comedians to sign a stand-up stool that we keep in our archives. Only 4 available!
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$7,500 CAD
The "Look who's a comedian now"
  • 0 claimed
  • 3 remaining
Do you have the Hutspa to get up on the stage? Well, here’s your opportunity! Perform live on stage during a 2015 Winnipeg Comedy Festival or GSAC season show.
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$10,000 CAD
The "High Roller"
  • 0 claimed
  • 2 remaining
The contributor at this level will get a private comedy show with 200 friends at the GSAC during the 2015 Winnipeg Comedy Festival! This could be a corporate event, or just a really awesome night for you and 200 of your closest friends!
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Here's the campaign that needs your help

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For over 30 years, the Gas Station Arts Centre has been a keystone of the Winnipeg Arts community. But the building no longer adequately serves its public. That's going to change - but we need your help!