A Good Vibe and Thanks!

A Product for contributing $20 or more
to Self Serve Classroom and Expansion!
by Self Serve

Donate $20 bucks and get one of our favorite vibes and a pack of uberlube as a thank you! The vibe is a silver bullet vibe and it is one of the most reliably awesome vibes we've ever sold!

$5 USD
Help Pay for a Chair!
We are replacing all of our chairs in the classroom space with the dreamiest cushioned and comfortable seating we could find for a classroom. The full price of the seating will be $1,725 but if 345 of our friends donate 5 bucks the cost would be 100% covered! Your future of sitting in the Self Serve Classroom will be sponsored by the love of so many pals! Do you love butts? Give us 5 bucks!

This perk lives in your heart and is not a deliverable.
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$10 USD
Downloadable Class Section
Estimated delivery Feb 2019
Download your favorite section from our most popular Online Class: Mastering The BJ: Interactive Skills with Hunter Riley.

The class has 4 parts and you can pick your favorite. Buy 3 of this perk and we'll send you the whole class!
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$20 USD
A Good Vibe and Thanks!
Donate $20 bucks and get one of our favorite vibes and a pack of uberlube as a thank you! The vibe is a silver bullet vibe and it is one of the most reliably awesome vibes we've ever sold!
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$50 USD
Get 10% off all your purchases at Self Serve, The Self Serve Classroom, and selfservetoys.com for a whole year! Help us out and have a discounted good time for the win!
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$50 USD
Thanks & A Forever Friend!
Get a free ADMIRAL DILDO in the color of your choice. This high quality silicone toy will last the rest of your dildo loving life!
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$69 USD
Name Your Own Sex Toy
At Self Serve we creatively name all of your toys with love and joy. It is one of the most fun parts of our unique jobs. Name a sex toy to be sold as Self Serve in 2019. Always wanted a dildo named after you? Creative and wanting to be tickled with pride when your toy hits our best sellers list? This perk is for you!
Name must get self serve approval in accordance with our ethics.
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$75 USD
Wear our genital costumes for a day or photo shoot
We have he world's best genital costumes. Have you ever wanted to be a 7 foot tall rainbow penis or a sparkly vulva? You can wear our one of a kind costumes for a Self Serve approved sex positive event (like pride, a burlesque show, a fetish event) or you can borrow our beloved costume for the photo shoot of your dreams and make it rain likes on your instagram.
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$100 USD
20% Off ALL purchases a Self Serve, the Self Serve Classroom, and selfservetoys.com for a whole year!

This perk will help us out and help you get phenomenal deals all year long!
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$200 USD
$100 gift card and Half Hour Private Sex Ed!
Get a $100 Self Serve gift card and a 30 minute private consult with either Self Serve owner, Matie or Director of education, Hunter.
Matie and Hunter have helped thousands of people have better sex lives & a deeper connection with their bodies & desires. They can help you with anything going on in your heart or body and can help you make choices you feel great about. This perk is available via skype or in person.
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$200 USD
This perk will give you a free class in in our New Sex Ed Classroom every month for a year. If you can't make it in for your class, you can gift a class to a member of the community with advance notice!
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$300 USD
Sponsor a free class for the community!
Want to do the community a solid? Sponsor a class of your choice for members of the community! We do a lot of free classes and we'd love to do more! For every one of these perks selected we will commit to holding a free class of your choice. Free class can be any class that a self serve staffer can offer or we can find the appropriate community partner for.
Class ideas could be: Safer Sex 101, Sex for Survivors, Talking to Your Kids About Sex, Sex Positivity for Medical Professionals, QTPOC Meet Up, Coming Out support, Info Session for the community for the Non Profit of Your Choice, All About Prep, or any other class that Self Serve routinely teaches: BJ Skills, G-Spot etc..

We will contact you directly to plan the class of your dreams for the community!
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$500 USD
Private Class of Your Choice!
Have the ultimate party!
We'll host a private class for up to 40 of your closest friends in our new classroom and event space!

Classes can be any class taught by a Self Serve Staffer.
We'll contact you directly to plan your event to your specifications and desires.
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$1,000 USD

This perk comes highly recommended by our customers and staff because they were the top selling toys in 2018. Keep them for yourself, share them with friends, give them as holiday gifts, whatever you do with these ten gems your world will be brighter with abundance of joy and the best toys!

This is about a $900 value! Plus you get to help us create a classroom space. The feel good--WIN/WIN of the year.
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$5,000 USD
Every Perk listed and MORE!
Wow.. You're reading this.. Thanks for considering gifting us $5000!

We'll give you every perk listed, We'll give you a lifetime discount of 30% off, Matie will give you free consults for the rest of our lives, We'll give you a free class a month for 5 years, We'll throw in a reasonable perk TBD that makes you happy, What else do you want? It is negotiable! We'll be forever grateful.

We know we can do so much good with every dollar raised and a big chunk like this sure would help!!
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