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The Redhead Days 2017 in Breda in the Netherlands is always an amazing party. To organise this event, we need your support! You can decide just how big and awesome it will be. Because the more we raise, the bigger the celebration. You can make it happen!

Join and help us with your support!

From September 1st till 4th we'll celebrate the 12th edition of the Redhead Days in Breda! A unique event with more than 6.000 redheads from all over the world.

With your help, we can make the event possible and even more memorable. The more we raise, the more activities we can organise and the bigger the party will be. Help us make it the celebration of the century!

The festivals main source of sponsorship in recent years has been the support from crowd funders like you. So, this year again we rely on you!

How can you help us? Simply by buying our perks or donating, you'll become part of the festival: your contribution directly influences the continuity of the event and quality of the festivities! In a nutshell: you decide the size and the awesomeness of the festivities. Go ahead and help us kick it up a notch or two!

Let’s celebrate!

white Redhead days

Redheads feel proud to be part of this event and the biggest online redhead community in the world. It allows them to recognise themselves in and connect with their fellow redheads. When they go home, they'll have gained one of the best experiences of their lives and many will return the following year, to rekindle the new friendships they made and to experience that unique feeling of for once not being able to be identified in a crowd, simply by the colour of their hair.

Imagine all kinds of cultural and entertaining activities in one place: art exhibitions, dance, music, fashion, theatre, photography, good food and great company. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Now imagine thousands of natural redheads in that same place. Redheads from all corners of the world, all ages and all walks of life. Picture yourself being one of them... How exhilarating would that be?

We've got some ambitious plans, hoping to provide you with some unsurpassed activities involving the works of world-renowned artists, wonderful musicians, and a few more things that remain a secret for the time being. All we need to do now, is to raise the funds we need to put these plans into action!

Global Friendship

Theme this year: Global Friendship. Because every year there are new friendships made, between people from all over the world. People, who’ve found new friends last year, will find these people again this year. This is the reason behind the theme from this year. Go ahead and make these Global Friendships!

About the festival

exhibition redhead Days

While the Redhead Days may find its origin in the organization of an exhibition of paintings in 2005, by Bart Rouwenhorst, it's definitely grown into a world-famous happening since then. In 2016, some 6,000 natural redheads from more than 80 countries arrived in Breda for the event of a lifetime. They enjoyed more than 60 different activities, including photo shoots, a pub crawl, a camping, lectures and workshops about red hair and much more! The festival's visitors describe the experience as 'meeting thousands of long lost relatives'. The onlookers describe the enormous crowd of natural redheads as nothing short of a work of art, and a true sight to behold.

The Redhead Days Festival 2017 is going to be brilliant! On September 1st till 4th, even more people are going to make their way to the Dutch city of Breda, where they'll participate in a wider variety of activities than ever before.

About us

organisation redhead Days

We are a non-profit foundation, powered by a growing team of 100 volunteers. Some of us are redheads, some of us have redheaded relatives, and most of us just love this amazing festival. Each of us dedicates our time and passion, with only the festival itself as a reward; but what a reward that is! We love seeing all those beautiful people, seeing their joy and hearing their feedback.

Other ways to help:

  • Using the share tools to tell your friends and family about the campaign, or even about a specific perk you like.
  • Blogging, vlogging or otherwise telling the world about us and our campaign.
  • Becoming a volunteer! You can assist with one or more activities during the festival or join the organisation. To volunteer, contact  and sign up!
  • All media are welcome to do a report on the festival or our campaign. If you need someone to interview or if you want more information, please contact .
  • If you own a business or if you are a philanthropist, please consider sponsoring us. There are many ways we can accommodate you. For information, please contact .  

See you in Breda!

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Help a soulless Redhead
  • 23 claimed
Did you ever hear of the phrase: gingers have no souls? They earn a freckle for every soul they steal? The solution: buy a soul! We offer you an unique chance to buy a soul, just for two euro. Save hunanity, help a ginger and save yourself!
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Early Bird Kick-Off party
  • 28 claimed
  • 22 remaining
Do you already know for sure you are going to join this party, but were other people earlier birds than you? Don’t worry there are also regular Early Bird tickets for sale!
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Karma contribution
  • 47 granted
If you want to just give us your support without needing any perks in return, this is the one for you. In exchange, we'll send you some virtual love and karma
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Kick-Off party
  • 3 claimed
  • 397 remaining
Do you already know for sure you are going to join this party, but were other people earlier birds than you? Don’t worry there are also regular tickets for sale!
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Redhead Days shopper
  • 22 claimed
Plastic bags are on their way out. In the Netherlands you even need to pay for every plastic bag you take away from a store. But who needs a disposable bag when you can have this awesome Redhead Days Shopper?!
This shopping bag is virtually indestructible and it's most certainly something to show off! The bag is generously sized (40 x 33 x 14 cm / approx. 16 x 13 x 5.5 inch) and it features the Redhead Days logo and official group photos. Shopping was never cooler!
Global shipping included.
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Pub Crawl (without T-shirt)
  • 25 claimed
Join one of our most popular activities now! The Redhead Days 2017 Pub Crawl will be even bigger, better and more exciting than the previous years. Signing up now guarantees you one of the highly-coveted spots.
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MC1R Magazine
  • 3 claimed
The one and only magazine by redheads, about redheads and for everyone with love of the MC1R gene. You'll receive your very own copy of the latest edition of MC1R magazine. The thick, full-colour magazine includes a variety of interesting articles, stories and information. It's a great read, and it'll look great on your coffee table, toilet magazine-rack or in your backpack traveling to work.
Global shipping included.
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Global Friendship green t-shirt
  • 55 claimed
With this T-shirt, you will show all Redhead Days visitors you are their friend! Also, you will make new, international, friends! It’s so easy to speak 15 languages if you speak love!
Don’t forget to wear this T-shirt on the big group photo Sunday September 3rd!
Global shipping included.
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Redhead Days 2017 Pub Crawl (with T-shirt)
  • 18 claimed
Signing up now guarantees you one of the highly-coveted spots and you will also receive an awesome T-shirt, designed exclusively for the Redhead Days Pub Crawl/crowdfunding. This T-shirt will NOT be available during the festival!
If you buy this perk, your shirt will be waiting for you at the Redhead Days info stand.
Please add €5 shipping costs, if you want your shirt sent to you beforehand.
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Redhead Days 2017 Pub Crawl Leader
  • 0 claimed
You won't just participate in our popular Pub Crawl; you'll be a group leader! You'll receive an exclusive Pub Crawl Leader T-shirt and a short instruction of the activity you are going to lead. Not familiar in Breda? Can’t speak the Dutch language? Not a problem! The organization will make sure you’ll be supported by a buddy and together you'll lead dozens of redheads from pub to pub.
Your T-shirt will be waiting for you at the Redhead Days info stand.
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Redhead Days 2017 camping – 1 night
  • 0 claimed
Reserve your spot at the one and only Redhead Days camping today! This perk will make sure you can stay one night on our camping and includes breakfast, a campfire and endless fun for one person.
If you like to stay more nights, please see below. To reserve a place for more people, simply increase the amount (e.g. 2 nights for 2 people would mean claiming this perk 2 times). Make sure you also use the reservation module on the website to confirm your stay!
If you don't want to bring your own tent you can also rent a tent for the weekend (see another perk)
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Stay connected
  • 6 claimed
Do you want to write a message to a friend? Buy an original postcard and just send. For a philatelist (stamp collector) his/her collection will not be complete without this special Redhead Days stamp. Buy this perk and reach to your friends globally made. This perk contains 5 postcards and 10 stamps.
Please let us know what stamps you like to receive. You can choose between stamps for National and International. (Only usable from the Netherlands.)
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Redhead Days 2017 Hoodie
  • 4 claimed
The Redhead Days continue even after the sun has set. With this official Redhead Days 2017 Hoodie, you'll be nice and warm, and you'll fit right in with this year's dress code!

The sweater features the Redhead Days logo and comes in a gorgeous shade of green.

Pick up at the Redhead Days info stand. For postal delivery, please add for the Netherlands €6,95 or for Europe €10,00. Outside Europe the shipping costs are €18,00

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Rent a tent for the weekend
  • 4 claimed
Do you want the full experience of the Redhead Days weekend, but you don't want to bring your own tent? There is a possibility to rent a tent on the camping. If you also want to rent an inflatable bed please add € 10.00 per bed to your payment. Same for the rental of a sleeping bag (€ 10.00 per sleeping bag) and/or pillow (€ 2.00 per pillow).
Don’t forget to reserve your place for all nights you’d like to stay (and add these costs).
Make sure you also use the reservation module on the website to confirm your stay!
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photobook by Brian Dowling
  • 11 claimed
  • 29 remaining
Brian: "For the past three years, I have been photographing redheads around the world for my project "Redhead Beauty." I wanted these images to show the natural beauty of women with red hair from almost 20 countries. This project was done without make up artists, special lighting, and excessive Photoshop. I wanted it to be obvious these photos are real reflections of the model and for people to end their stereotypes of redheads."

Brian kindly donated a large number of his wonderfull books to our crowdfunding:
+ Hardcover Book
+ 186+ pages
+ HUGE 9x12 inches (22.9x 30.5cm)
+ High quality matte paper
+ Free shipping included
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Redhead Days 2017 camping – 2 nights
  • 2 claimed
2 nights for one person at our lovely campsite.
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Redhead Days 2017 camping – 3 nights
  • 16 claimed
Three nights for one person at our lovely campsite.
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At the crane with Bart
  • 1 claimed
  • 5 remaining
Are you not afraid of heights? And you want a big family photo? Or a selfie with the crowd? You can do all of this with this perk.
You will stand on the crane platform during the group photo with Bart Rouwenhorst, director of the Redhead Days festival. To take a unique photo in a creative formation which you can decide. Strike a pose!

Note: Only the two highest bidders for this perk will win, all other bidders will get a refund.
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  • 0 claimed
Want to soar up in the skys with a balloon? You can! With this perk you will get a place in a balloon flight at the evening of Sunday september 3rd, the last day of the event. See Breda from above, a perfect ending to the Redhead Days festival. Note: flight depends on wind conditions, no flight = money back.
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Speech during the Kick-Off party
  • 1 claimed
Do you want to run for president? Speak up to your fellow redheads? Do you want to propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend in a perfect setting? This is your chance!! Buy this perk for your 5 minutes of fame. And you can stand on the stage talking to your audience.
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Redhead Days 2017 VIP
  • 2 claimed
Be a V.I.P. during the entire Redhead Days weekend. A Redhead Days organization member will personally pick you up at the airport or any other location within the Netherlands and accompany you to Breda, where you will stay at the best hotel (included). During the event, you'll dine with the organizers. Of course, we'll also accompany you on your way back home (at least to the airport) and you can take your pick from the perks mentioned above.
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Very Early Bird Kick-Off party
  • 10 claimed
  • 0 remaining
As the name says: KICK-OFF PARTY! Friday September 1st we will start the festival with the Kick-Off party. This year you need tickets to enter the party, so we thought of something fun for you to go as cheap as possible (and be sure to enter)!
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Real Early Bird Kick-Off party
  • 25 claimed
  • 0 remaining
Do you already know for sure you are going to join this party, but are the Very Early Bird tickets already sold out? Buy tickets as a Real Early Bird!
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