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$8,000 will be the most we’ve ever spent on a single dog. We're $4,000 short to make this real for Bree. Bree is a darling 2 year old ‘Canadian Special’ in urgent need of double leg surgery for painful torn ligaments on both her back legs.

$2,500 raised of $4k goal
3 Years running

6 month old Doug arrived last night after consuming rat poison, it was clear he was dying. We need your help. Our savings have been pushed to the brink and enough funds to cover Doug's care are needed to help save his life.

$3,233 raised so far
4 Years running

On September 28, 2013, we lost one of our dedicated fans: Jan Collins. Several of the ladies in our rescue helped bring Jan and her best friend, Thunder together. Thunder, now in the care of Jan's immediate family, misses her greatly even ...

$305 raised of $500 goal
6 Years running

Micah is from Vancouver Island and was found last week in severe condition in need of immediate vetting. We are sharing his story to (1) ask the community for support for baby Micah as he is a local dog and (2) to raise awareness of the dogs ...

$1,545 raised so far
5 Years running

On Easter weekend Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society received a call about a very sick pup on the North Island-- He needed help immediately. Thomas entered into our care and was immediately taken to the vet. He had 20% of the fur left on ...

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5 Years running

4 'free' dogs 4 broken legs $9000 later... Our goals is to top up our vetting fund after spending nearly $10,000 on 4 dogs (3 of which were puppies.) Without these surgeries, none of these dogs would have been able to walk properly again, ...

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6 Years running

On May 10, 2013 the world suddenly & tragically lost a young woman, Chelsea Caines of Campbell River. She was a passionate animal advocate dedicated to helping animals in need.

$3,185 raised of $500 goal
Finished July 26, 2013

Tula, tiny rescue pup of 9 weeks, became very sick this week. She underwent various tests to determine what was wrong & went on IV fluids. Glad to have been cared for, she is now home & recovered from whatever was in her system. And now for the vet bill!

$348 raised of $469 goal
Finished May 14, 2013