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The kill shelters are overflowing again as summer draws near -- WE NEED YOU to help us grant freedom to these angels headed for the euthanasia list!

$16,856 raised of $16k goal
68 Days running

We need to raise $8,000 to get 20 dogs abandoned by a backyard breeder in Missouri to NYC tomorrow, and we need your support!

$5,855 raised of $8k goal
Finished May 11, 2018

We’ve been offered an incredible chance to raise double our regular fundraiser goal so we can SAVE 30 DOGS, but we need your help!

$16,848 raised of $15k goal
Finished April 19, 2018

The number of innocent dogs euthanized in Los Angeles kill shelters is peaking again. Help us rescue at least 25 NOW and bring them to safety in NYC!!!!

$17,936 raised of $16k goal
Finished April 19, 2018

Los Angeles kill shelters are overflowing with adoptable dogs right now, and many are euthanized each night. Help us rescue at least 25 NOW and bring them to safety in NYC!!!!

$23,805 raised of $16k goal
Finished September 7, 2017

Dogs are dumped at kill shelters in record numbers in the days before July 4th. Help us save at least 25 from the euthanasia list!!! These innocent creatures deserve freedom, not death, as we celebrate Independence Day.

$25,205 raised of $15k goal
Finished August 14, 2017

After years of suffering, Angel is finally healed and healthy enough to head east. Help us bring him home... and rescue more dogs as we go!

$5,548 raised of $6k goal
Finished June 29, 2017

Help us SAVE THESE INNOCENT LIVES!! Post-holidays, kill shelters nationwide are flooded with unwanted pets bought as gifts. We are trying to rescue at least 25 puppies and dogs from high kill Los Angeles shelters, and WE NEED YOU!!

$15,830 raised of $15k goal
Finished February 25, 2017

WE NEED YOU!!! Right now, these babies are in high kill shelters at risk of losing their lives. With your help, we can get them to safety (and hopefully to forever families!) in time for the holidays.

$20,979 raised of $15k goal
Finished January 28, 2017

EMERGENCY!!! We need help ASAP to save this family's life... and 15 other dogs!

$5,255 raised of $4k goal
Finished December 4, 2016