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We need to ask for your help again. And sorry that help is financial. This really is the final pushand how effective we can be is entirely down to how much money we can raise. In January Steve and the team were able to move into Airbnb accommodation ...

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Steve Bray has stood outside Parliament every day they have sat since 4th September 2017. In this most critical time since the referendum it is now time to give him a personal boost in his push to Stop Brexit There is no good Brexit.

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Steve Bray and Sodem team need a temporary campaign HQ and somewhere to crash overnight so we can be close to Westminster right up to 29/3. Those flags don't hang themselves. Breakfast/ 10pm News are good to get a placards on as well as a full day stint

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Steve has decided that he is going to throw his hat into the ring and stand for election for the European Parliament as an Independent candidate in London who will campaign to remain in the EU; Campaign to Remain. On 5th September 2017 Steve took his ...

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Finished June 4, 2019
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