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The Mucolipidosis Type IV Foundation supports research to find treatments for this genetic, neurological and neurodegenerative disease. Children with ML4 will likely never walk or talk, will go blind in their early adolescence and have a shortened lifespan. Research efforts into drug compounds and gene therapy show great promise for changing futures for children living with this terrible disease. Your donations go to researchers working on treatments efforts!

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Shlomo Akiva Freundlich's Bar Mitzvah in celebration of his friend Shaindy Gold! Shlomo is raising money for the Mucolipidosis Type IV (ML4) Foundation to find treatments for his friend Shaindy and children like her.

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The ML4 Foundation funds research to find treatments for people living with Mucolipidosis Type IV, a rare, lysosomal disease that causes neurodegeneration, blindness, and early death.

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Meet Austin! He's four-years old and has Mucolipidosis Type IV (ML4) disease. He and his family are raising money with the ML4 Foundation for research to treat this disease so Austin can keep growing into a bright, smiling future. Please help our team!

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